We do not submit papers that are not structured according to the requirements!

Requirements for paper submission

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya (Povolzhye Postgraduate Bulletin) accepts articles for publication, which constitute original research, research and scientific reviews, reviews, the content of which corresponds to the following specialties:

14.01.00 - Clinical medicine (Medical sciences);

14.02.00 - Preventive medicine (Medical sciences);

14.03.00 - Medical-biological sciences (Medical sciences);

14.04.00 - Pharmaceutical sciences (Medical sciences);

09.00.00 - Philosophical Sciences (Humanities)

The journal is included in the list of journals, peer-reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission, and in the System of Russian Science Citation Index.

The article is submitted to the editor in the printed form, signed by the authors, together with a package of accompanying documents:

1. The text of the article in paper and in electronic variant on a portable electronic media;

2. The request;

3. The referral from the educational organization (with a note that this article  was nowhere published before);

4. For full-time postgraduate students the certificate of enrollment, notarized at the place of study.

The complete set of documents is directed to the editorial staff of "Povolzhye Postgraduate Bulletin" to the address 443099, Samara, Chapaevskaya street, 89, Samara State Medical University, cabinet 513, to the deputy of editor-in-chief of the journal Natalia Kuvshinova.

The electronic variant of the article is sent by e-mail: aspirantura_samgmu@mail.ru, aspvestnik@list.ru.

Attention! Documents for the publication of humanitarian series are sent in a paper variant and duplicated to e-mail: lena.my@list.ru.

The publication of the articles of full-time postgraduate students is free of charge. The presented materials are not subject to return. For additional information call 8(846)333-30-86 (from 14.00 to 17.00 by Moscow time)

Information about the members of editorial council and editorial board, typescript requirements, full-text electronic version of the journal are presented on the official web-site of the journal www.aspvestnik.com.


Download technical requirements for paper submission (.doc)

The volume of the article should be not more than 15 pages A4 Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman, 14 pt., vertical line spacing 1.5; automatic indentation of a new paragraph 1 cm; full justification.

    The article should contain:

    UDC (conferred by the library, left alignment)

    Full surname, first name of the author/-s (boldface, capital letters, center alignment)

    `Place of work or study (full name) of every author, name of the chair, occupational title of every author. If all the authors work or study at one place, the information can be given for a group.

    Title of the article (boldface, capital letters, center alignment)

    Abstract (up to 0.3 of the page)

    Key words (3 10 words)

    The above mentioned data should be given in the Russian and English languages.

The article includes: introduction that contains the purpose and the objectives of the investigation, results and their discussion, conclusion, tables, figures, formulae. The pages are numbered.

References are indicated in the text in square brackets and include the number of the source in the reference list and page number [10: P. 72].

 Bibliographical references are listed alphabetically at the end of the article. Bibliography items are arranged according to all-Union state standard ( . 7.0.5-2008) System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of making.

See the full text of the Standard:  http://protect.gost.ru/document.aspx?control=7&id=173511

        Tables, formulae and figures are given either in the text of the article or in separate files without zipping. Files are given the order numbers (e.g. table 1, table 2, fig. 1, fig. 2). Figures JPEG standard. All diagrams and figures should be black and white.

Picture-related and table-related captions are obligatory. E.g. Fig. 1. Figure caption under the picture, Table. 1. Table caption above the table.

Length of a formula is up to 80 mm. Set-in Word symbols are not allowed. All special symbols are in mathematical editor.


UDC 616.127-005.8:616.151.5-08




V.V. Kulakov1, S.. Khokhlunov1,2

1Samara State Medical University

2Samara regional clinical cardiology dispensary


The article is devoted to the modern views on the appointment, termination and renewal of double antiplatelet therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Classification and mechanisms of action of antiplatelet drugs, the results of their research and conclusions with an emphasis on the duration of double antiplatelet therapy are presented in the article. The results of own studies have confirmed that double antiplatelet therapy effectively blocks the activity of platelet aggregation both in patients subjected to PCI and in patients after acute myocardial infarction.

Keywords: double antiplatelet therapy, acute coronary syndrome, percutaneous coronary intervention, clopidogrel

Vyacheslav Kulakov, Postgraduate student of the Cardiology and Cardiosurgery Department IPO. E-mail: v_kulakov89@mail.ru

Sergei Khokhlunov, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of the Cardiology and Cardiosurgery Department IPO, chief physician of Samara regional clinical cardiology dispensary. E-mail: hohlunov@rambler.ru


Note: If all the authors work in one place, there is no need to use indices for surnames and organizations. Alphabetic order of surnames is not obligatory.