Reduction chronic pain and spasticity as a result of treatment of the patients with different genesis mielopathy

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In neurosurgery department of Samara Region Hospital the way/method of chronical spinal epidural stimulation was used in a complex treatment for patients with different genesis’ myelopathy to eradicate spastic syndrome and reduce chronic pain power. 108 patiens with spinal disfunction, contained spasticity and chronic pain syndrom, were included in researching. Among them there was 71 (65,74 per cent) male and 37 (34,25 per cent) female between 22 and 75 years of age. 68 patients had the spinal injury of thoracal level, 30 patients with trauma of neck part/cervical trauma and 10 patients with trauma of lumbal part of vertebral column. There was comparison of the patients’ conditions before the operation and in different periods of spinal stimulation - 1, 6, 12 mounths later. In the group of patients with spinal cord stimulation during 1 year muscle tone decrease from 2,8 to 1,35 points (normal range 0-0,5 points) was noted, chronic pain syndrom was reduced from 53 to 18,8.

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