Allergic pathology features in common disease aspect of adults in the Samara region

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The patient with allergic disease must be observed by doctors of primary health care services and particular specialists. A wide range of doctors, including primary care physicians should be familiar with the basic methods of evaluation of patients with allergic disease. The measures, which can lead to the improvement of compliance in the treatment can include: raising the awareness of patients of allergic diseases, conducting standardized epidemiological studies in the dynamics of the unified approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. It is an actual study of quality of life parameters for further assessment of the physical, emotional, social status of the patient with allergic pathology, as well as the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy. It is necessary to introduce special questionnaires, taking into account, recommended by the WHO, the criteria of the quality of life and their components.

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Особенности аллергической патологии в структуре общей заболеваемости у взрослых в Самарской области

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