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This article invites us to turn to the fundamental questions of the world being in the whole and the human being in particular. There is some mystical, mysterious, connecting human history and connecting man to the Universe thread. It is time. It is among those which are beyond the mirror. Beyond the habitual evidence and seeming clearness there is the whirlpool of the deepest philosophical problems. They are represented quite different in the foreshortening of the unexpected methodological «dispersion» of time in biochemical, organismal and ecological. The new important details and aspects appear through the surface, the new accents and the world outlook reference points rise significantly. In the role of the reliable conductor in this problem labyrinth the author chose the founder of the sociobiology E.O.Wilson and his absolutely remarkable book «Biofilia», necessary to say, didn't translated yet (equal as the others) in Russian. It's a pity.

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S G Piletskiy

Email: sergeypiletsky@yandex.ru


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