The use of radio frequentablation aimed on parenchymatoushemostasis during the resectionof the liver in the patientswith colorecalous metastases

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The results of surgical treatment in two groups of patients with colorectal livers' metastases (mts): under anatomic resection with parenchymatous hemostasis with the application of radio frequency ablation (RFA) - primary group (n=33) and standard method of the intraoperative hemostasis (control group, n=30) were considered in this article. Using of RFA let us statistically significant to reduce volume of intraoperative bloodloss up to 210,91±113,31 ml, to decrease the length of stay after surgery until 16,88±4,37 days, to diminish the number of postoperative complications about 9,09% and per cent of new-revealed mts at resection zone (3,03%).

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