Planning and caring out orthopedic treatment using dental implants in patients with generalized pathological dental abrasion with decreasing occlusional height and partial toothlessness

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The individual approach is necessary for decision-making concerning a way of prosthetics on dental implants to each patient. As shows clinical experience, a main role at planning of implantation from the orthopedic point of view play condition of maxillotemporal joint, condition of the teeth and teeth rows, occlusion. Pathological dental abrasion ia a heavy and widespreading disease. Partial abcense of teeth complicats this clinical situation. On the basis of the anamnesis data, complaints of the patients, clinico-tool survey and radiodiagnosis established two forms of disease: pathological dental abrasion with poorexpressed signs of decreasing occlusional height and with considerably expressed signs of decreasing occlusional height. On this basis the differentiated approach to treatment of the given category of patients is offered. The algorithm of treatment is developed.

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E S Golovina



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