Results of surgicaltreatment of colorectalmetastasis inlungs with application of radiofrequent ablation methodand atypical resection

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We led out the comparative analysis of treatments results in two groups of patients with
diagnosis colorectal cancer after surgical treatment with progressive process: single Mts in
lungs. There were made lungs atypical resections in the 1 group (42 patients), in the 2 group
(27 patients) - RFA of lungs Mts. The greatest percent of postoperative complications was in
the 1 group (9,5%), but this number was only 3,7% (р=0,64) after RFA. Two-years survival of
patients with colorectal Mts in lungs after lungs atypical resections was 64%, but after RFA
- 71% (р=0,17). The research of lifes quality in both groups of patients by Karnovskys scale
and ECOG-WHO scale reveal the next: through 1 year after operation these indexes were 73%
and 2,2 points accordingly in the 1 group, but in the 2 group - 79% and 1,6 points (р<0,05).
The next estimation of lifes quality was led through 2 years: lifes quality was estimated in
65% and 2,7 points accordingly, but in the 2 group - 74% and 1,7 points (р<0,05). Conclusions.
RFA of lungs Mts from colorectal cancer is a lowdamage, organs presses method with less
number of post operative complications. The indexes of two-years survival and lifes quality
of patients trough 1 and 2 years is better after RFA than the same indexes in the group of
patients after lungs atypical resections.

About the authors

Oleg Igorevich Kaganov

Samara state medical university

Samara state medical university


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