Effectiveness of ozonotherapyin the complex treatment ofchronic cystitisin women

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We surveyed a group of patients with chronic cystitis. The aim was to study effectiveness
of ozonotherapy in the complex treatment of such patients in the microcirculation of the
bladder wall, and change the composition of the microflora of the lower urinary tract. The
study involved 65 patients aged from 20 to 86. Patients were divided into three groups: the
first group of patients (n=20) received complex conservative therapy, the patient of the second
group (n=30) received, along with basic therapy intravesical instillation of ozonized solution,
the third group of patients (n=15) was carried parenteral injection of ozonized saline. The use
of ozonotherapy in the treatment of chronic cystitis in women has a pronounced bactericidal
effect, causes an improvement of microcirculation in the bladder wall, leading to rapid
disappearance of dysuric disorders.

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K A Sizov

K A Sizov


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