Educational environment as a mechanism of migrants children integration into the regional society

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The Samara region is multiethnic region, for many years there is constant and increasing migration flow to the Samara region. The analysis of interaction of migrants with a school shows that the school is the most important adaptation mechanism of the migrant's children and the migrants. The adaptation mechanism through the school influences not only the children from the families of labor migrants, but also their parents, since the school is the space where the migrants meet with the outside, "official" world. Ways finding of harmonious joining of the migrant's children the new social environment of the educational institution and the prevention of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts based on the ethnic ground is represented by very urgent task. Also, one of the research tasks was the attempt to define the effective criteria of adaptation and integration of social, cultural and psychological markers.

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N V Yavkin

N V Yavkin


  1. Быкова, Н. Губерния занимает первое место в ПФО по количеству мигрантов / Н. Быкова // <>

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