Vol 14, No 1-2 (2014)


Research quality of life in patients with occupational lung diseases dust

Averina O.M.


The article presents the analyzed data on quality of life of patients with occupational dust lung diseases. Changes of the basic parameters of quality of life are shown. Intergroup comparisons of changed parameters of quality of life in patients with occupational dust lung diseases are conducted.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):9-13
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Computer stabilometry in patients with operated backbone osteochondrosis

Andreyanova A.N.


The computer stabilometry is performed in 80 patients with lumbar and cervical osteochondrosis with a vertebrogenic pain syndrome and a compression radicular syndrome. The patients underwent the complex examination before surgical treatment and after the performed operation, at the moment of the discharge from a hospital. During the research the most reliable stabilometry indicators which objectively reflected dynamics of a pain syndrome, neurologic and postural disorders resulted from the shift of the pressure center, caused by dysfunction of biomechanical ratios in a kinematic chain of a backbone were revealed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):14-18
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Clinical-electroencephalography feature of enuresis at children

Balakina N.S.


Enuresis is the widespread disease of children’s age connected with immaturity of a brain owing to influence of factors of perinatal pathology, and substantially breaking quality of life of children and their parents. The research in 120 children with enuresis ranging in age from 5 to 18 was conducted by clinical-electroencephalography (EEG). Factors of perinatal pathology were revealed in 53,3% of examined patients. Pathology from urinogenital system was observed in 35 (29,2%) patients. The neurologic symptomatology was noted in 24 (20,0%) supervision. In all patients night video-EEG-monitoring with registration of the moment of urination in a dream was carried out. Normal indicators of EEG of a dream had 55,0% of children, in the rest epileptical activity was noted with various degree of pathological expressiveness, 7 (5,8%) children with attacks of epilepsy were diagnosed during a dream. The conducted research, thus, showed high percent of functional immaturity of a brain at enuresis, and also possibility of course behind a mask of epilepsy enuresis with attacks during a dream.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):19-22
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Cytosinging syndrome at sick HCV-infection with the expressed fibrosis of the liver

Vasilev S.U.


The work purpose is to investigate features of the hematologic status in patients with the HCV-infection in combination with the expressed fibrosis of a liver. The group of patients by the HCV-infection (n=376) ranging in age from 38 to 80 lasting disease with more than 10 years is surveyed. On the basis of dynamic supervision of patients, laboratory monitoring and the statistical analysis the interrelation of a stage of fibrosis of a liver in patients with a HCV-infection with a cytosinging syndrome were confirmed. It is shown that the stage of fibrosis of a liver is associated with degree thrombocytopenia and pan-cytosinging liver disease among patients with НСV lasting disease with more than 10 years, the cytosinging syndrome occurs in 39% of cases, among them one-proliferous cytosinging is 65,6%, two-proliferous is 26,4%, pan-cytosinging - 8,1%.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):23-26
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Dynamic of platelet’s activity in acs patients with original and generic clopidogrels

Guseva G.N.


The changeability of different clopidogrels, both original and generic, is an actual problem of medicine. We studied the different characteristics of platelet’s function in ACS patients with bear metal stents received original (“Plavix”) or generic clopidogrels (“Egitromb” and “Lopirel”). According to our data, “Plavix” and “Egitromb” had similar antiplatelet activity, whereas “Lopirel” wasn’t as active.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):27-31
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An iterative algorithm рrofessional risk assessment of asthma in line extreme experiments

Dudintseva N.V., Stulin V.V., Lotkov V.S.


The paper proposes a new approach to solving this class of problems on the example of processing of medical information to assess the risks of asthma, especially during extreme planned series of numerical experiments.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):32-36
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Contemporary presentation features of microcirculation in patients with coronary heart disease in aging (literature review)

Ivkina O.N.


The article discusses the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease in terms of dysfunction of platelet aggregation. Its effect on the microcirculation and the course of coronary heart disease on the background of aging are analyzed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):37-39
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The prevalence of affective disorders in patients with myocardial infarction at the early stage of rehabilitation treatment

Kostina N.V.


Affective disorders are most common mental disorders observed in patients with coronary artery disease. Data of all patients undergoing rehabilitation at cardiological sanatorium from 2007 to 2012 were studied. An analysis of the prevalence and clinical and statistical characteristics of affective disorders observed in a group of 439 people are presented. Affective disorders were detected in 31,9 % of patients with myocardial infarction. Subsyndromal affective disorders (62,1 %) and clinically-defined (38,1% ) affective disorders were observed. It was noted that development of affective disorders associated with the nature of assistance provided. Studying of the structure of affective disorders during early rehabilitation treatment of myocardial infarction can be useful for optimization of psychopharmacotherapy and psychotherapeutic treatment.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):40-44
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Reduction chronic pain and spasticity as a result of treatment of the patients with different genesis mielopathy

Kamadey O.O.


In neurosurgery department of Samara Region Hospital the way/method of chronical spinal epidural stimulation was used in a complex treatment for patients with different genesis’ myelopathy to eradicate spastic syndrome and reduce chronic pain power. 108 patiens with spinal disfunction, contained spasticity and chronic pain syndrom, were included in researching. Among them there was 71 (65,74 per cent) male and 37 (34,25 per cent) female between 22 and 75 years of age. 68 patients had the spinal injury of thoracal level, 30 patients with trauma of neck part/cervical trauma and 10 patients with trauma of lumbal part of vertebral column. There was comparison of the patients’ conditions before the operation and in different periods of spinal stimulation - 1, 6, 12 mounths later. In the group of patients with spinal cord stimulation during 1 year muscle tone decrease from 2,8 to 1,35 points (normal range 0-0,5 points) was noted, chronic pain syndrom was reduced from 53 to 18,8.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):45-49
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The present situation of the endothelial dysfunction’s problems in patients with Polycythemia Vera (literature reviews)

Kozlova N.S.


The article is devoted to the review of the actual information to the development of endothelial dysfunction in patients with Polycythemia Vera. According to the literature reviews, endothelial dysfunction is a risk factor for development of cardiovascular diseases. The pathogenesis of the endothelial dysfunction’s propagation in patients is presented. The questions of endothelial dysfunction’s diagnostics in patients with Polycythemia Vera are elucidated.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):50-52
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Clinical-statistical analysis of risk factors of post-traumatic epilepsy

Kurov M.V.


The craniocereberal trauma (CT) is an etiology factor of development of post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE). PTE is the most frequent among all forms of symptomatic epilepsy, and reaches of 27,7% according to the researches conducted in Russia. The particular interest causes a question of predisposition and risk factors of development of PTE after a craniocerebral injury. A major role plays anamnesis data (factors of perinatal pathology, signs of morfo-functional immaturity of CNS, predisposed paroxysmal states, etc.), the undergone CT severity, the duration of unconscious period, etc. Objective data are obtained by means of an electroencephalography (EEG) and a new modern electrophysiological technique of the caused potentials of a brain (VP). The conclusion is drawn that epileptoid multi-factor of PTE and probability of epileptic attacks emergence define competency of the differentiated approach to therapy of the acute period of CT and the subsequent supervision over the patients. In some cases at the highest risk of the development of PTE antiepileptic preparations with the preventive purpose is possible.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):53-56
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The definition of antiplatelet antibodies in patients with thrombocytopenia of various genesis

Kurtov I.V.


The article shows the role of definition of antiplatelet antibodies in patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and those with drug thrombocytopenia to decide on the choice of tactics of how to treat the disease and determine the prognosis. It is shown that this method of research is not determinative in patients with chronic thrombocytopenia of different genesis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):57-58
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Complex assessment of the condition of the microblood-groove at hemophilia by means of the laser analyzer of microcirculation of «LAKK-OP»

Lysova E.V., Kosyakova Y.A.


This article covers issues of microvasculature contidions and functionalities in patients with hemophilia A. Twenty young men at the age of 17-35 with hemophilia A have been examined. The research examined basal perfusion, variability of microcirculation, consistency of vascular tone regulating systems. The results of the study show the advantages laser analyzers of blood microcirculation «LАКК-ОP» in diagnostics of microvasculature changes in patients with hemophilia.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):59-61
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Association of indicators of suboptimal health status with the level of endothelin-1 in serum

Marutina E.Y.


The problem of an early detection of cardiovascular disease in urban population continues to be relevant. The advent of new screening techniques, which include an assessment of suboptimal health status, opens up new possibilities for the study of risk factors and early manifestations of cardiovascular disease. The aim of the study is to establish the relationship between the level of suboptimal health status as measured by the questionnaire SHSQ-25, and indicator of endothelial function (IEF), and endothelin-1. SHSQ-25 questionnaire showed significant differences between the two groups (higher SHS score ≥16, lover SHS score < 16) at scales, fatigue, cardiovascular system, immune system. The association between the SHS and IEF, endothelin-1. SHSQ -25 may be used as a screening tool to identify the risk of cardio-vascular disease in the population at the preclinical stage.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):62-64
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Life quality of patients with vibration illness

Tatarovskaya N.A.


Information about the influence of a vibration illness on quality of life of patients is presented in the article. The main changes of patients’ life quality parameters are described by the results of research SF-36 questionnaire. Comparison of patients’ life quality with a vibration illness of various types is made.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):65-67
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Effect of insulin resistance on lipid metabolism and myocardial remodelling in patients with arterial hypertension

Titova Y.F.


The study included 55 patients with arterial hypertension and normal fasting glucose levels without diabetes mellitus and manifesting CVD (cardiovascular disease). We investigated clinical history, laboratory tests, calculated index of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). Our study shows that in the 4-th quartile HOMA-IR was the highest, concentration of triglycerides and left ventricular mass index were also elevated, myocardial remodelling was present. Thus, even in patients with arterial hypertension and normal fasting glucose levels we detected insulin resistance associated with elevated risk of development of atherosclerosis and CVD. For prediction and correct treatment of atherosclerosis and CVD it is appropriate to measure concentration of glucose, insulin level and estimate the index of insulin resistance HOMA-IR.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):68-70
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Features circadian rhythms secretion of cortisol and blood pressure in veterans of war with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder

Treneva E.V.


The article presents the results of a survey of combat veterans with arterial hypertension. We surveyed diagnosed symptoms of posttraumat-ic stress disorders, the stable secretion of cortisol during the day. Against the backdrop of the circadian rhythms of the stress hormone secretion revealed changes ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, manifested in violation variability and circadian blood pressure profile, form prognostically unfavorable course of hypertension in combat veterans.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):71-74
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Early diagnostics of the cardiovascular breaches of patients with myotonic dystrophy

Chernikova V.V.


According to the register of medical genetic consultation of Samara Regional Clinical Hospital M.I. Kalinin 89 patients with myotonic dystrophy are registered. A group of 24 patients between 15 and 20 years of age with the aim of early detection of changes in the cardiovascular system was selected and examined. In 75% of ECG changes in the form of conduction disturbances were registered. In 33,3% patients had changes on echocardiography. These changes can be assessed as subcompensated stage of cardiomyopathy.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):75-77
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Scientific justification of the treatment endometriosis diseases associated with infertility

Balter R.B., Ibragimova A.R.


This report examines the approaches to the treatment of infertility due to endometriosis, based on indicators of growth factors and alpha 2 microglobulin of fertility in the serum of women.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):78-83
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Clinical features of congenital cytomegalovirus infection in children

Bashmakova T.S.


The article considers cytomegalovirus infection (CMV infection), as one of the most commonly diagnosed in utero infections. The aim of this work was to study peculiarities of clinical course manifested forms of CMV infection in young children. The course options of congenital CMV infection were identified, clinical and laboratory manifestations and peculiarities of the course of cytomegalovirus hepatitis in children were studied.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):84-87
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Nutritional status of children with chronic pathologies of the digestive system

Voronina E.N.


The author analyzes the physical development of children (weight, body length, body mass index) of school age with chronic gastroduodenitis and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. The prevalence of malnutrition and obesity among children with this pathology are revealed. The analysis of dietary habits and quality of life is carried out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):88-91
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A comprehensive approach to treatment of threatening miscarriage

Davydkina J.V.


With the purpose of optimization of patients’ management with threatening miscarriage we undertook a prospective study of 120 pregnant women with this pathology. As a result of the analysis it is revealed that the comprehensive treatment of women with threatening miscarriage, inclusive hospital and sanatorium stages, has a favourable effect on a pregnancy outcome and a newborn state. It improves psychological characteristics and body adaptive capability of pregnant women.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):92-95
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Blood and growth factors of women with AMGF endometriosis disease

Ibragimova A.R.


This report examines the result the results of the study of growth factors, alpha 2-microglobulin of fertility and hormone profile of women suffering from endometriosis disease.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):96-100
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Placental insufficiency and early violations lactation: frequency implementation, diagnosis, duration of breastfeeding

Kostyanova E.V.


The article describes the problem of the formation of lactation impairments in mothers whose pregnancy was complicated by placental failure of varying severity. In 118 puerperas with placental insufficiency in the period of gestation was conducted to evaluate the frequency of implementation of hypogalactia and duration of breastfeeding, the possibility of prediction and early diagnosis of hypogalactia morphological composition of secret mammary glands; 30 healthy puerperas formed the control group. The study showed that mothers with placental insufficiency during pregnancy should be referred to a high risk for impaired formation of lactational features, because in this group of women was significantly more frequently implemented both primary and secondary hypogalactia, significantly reduced the duration of breastfeeding. Forecasting and timely diagnosis of hypogalactia can be run according to its morphological type smear secret mammary glands during the first 2-3 days postpartum.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):101-106
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Tactics of reference of preschool children with different options speech retardation

Larkina E.V.


Speech retardation (spp) - one of the most common developmental disorders in children. The article reflects the effectiveness of neurometabolic therapy depending on the clinical - neuropsychological options spp in preschool children. Children with ADHD positive effect in the correction of speech development and social-communicative skills provided Cortexin and Strattera. In children with RAP most effective was Cortexin. The use of psychotropic medication in children with RDA is discussed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):107-112
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Threatened miscarriage during first and second trimester and perinatal outcome

Melkadze E.V.


To examine the effect of threatened miscarriage on perinatal outcome. 428 histories of preterm labour were retrospectively evaluated. RESULTS: Second-trimester threatened miscarriage was not associated with premature delivery neither with hypotrophy of newborn but increased the risk of lungs atelectasis (odds ratio 2.22). Neonates of women with first and second-trimester threatened miscarriage were more likely to have of lungs atelectasis (odds ratio 2.12), intrauterine hypoxia (odds ratio 3.0), perinatal pathology of the central nervous system (odds ratio 2.94).
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):113-117
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The spectrum of sensitization in infants with atopic dermatitis and its relationship with the severity of the disease

Migacheva N.B.


The aim of our study was to describe the spectrum of sensitization in infants with atopic dermatitis (AD) and to assess its relationship with the severity of disease. 62 young children aged from 10 to 36 months with mild to severe AD were included into the study. Sensitization was detected by measurement of specific IgE antibodies (ImmunoCAP, Sweden). Sensitization was determined in 51 AD infants (82,2%): 40 patients (64,5%) were sensitized to food allergens, 36 (61,2%) - to aeroallergens, 26 (41,9%) - to both food and inhalant allergens. Statistical analysis has revealed the strong positive association between severity of AD and sensitization to aeroallergens (molds, pollen, and animal dander).
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):118-122
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The impact of recurrent flow of herpes infection in pregnant by the fetoplacental complex and the health condition of newborn children

Ovchinnikova M.A.


In the article perinatal aspects of pregnant women with relapsing course of herpetic infection are analyzed. By results of research of pregnant women with relapsing course of herpetic infection are at high risk for the development of severe forms of placental insufficiency. The children born by mothers with recurrent herpetic infection should be referred to a high risk associated with somatic and herpes pathology. It is shown that for reduction of perinatal pathology of herpes infected women need prevention of the recurrence of herpes infection in the period of gestation.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):123-127
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A case of relapsing visceral leishmaniasis in the midland of Russia

Poliaev A.S.


In the article the clinical case review of a brought visceral leishmaniases in a child is presented. Features of clinical and laboratory indicators in dynamics are considered, the reasons of serious diagnostic difficulties are specified, the literary inquiry on the nature and basic differential-diagnostic signs of the given disease are shown.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):128-130
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Power scarce states in pathology children’s age: development mechanisms, diagnostics and correction

Prilepina M.A.


The article reflects the concept of energy deficient state. biochemical processes of energy exchange between the cells and the basic mechanisms of energy deficient state are described. Clinical manifestations of the cellular energy disorders are analyzed and the major syndromes of mitochondrial insufficiency manifestations, their methods of diagnostics and correction are pointed out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):131-134
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Complex therapy of threatened miscarriage in women with retrochorial hematomas

Solovova L.D.


In the article the hormonal and immunological aspects of pathogenesis retrochorial hematomas in women with the threat of miscarriage, clinic and diagnosis of this complication are represented. The analysis of complex therapy efficiency with using of Dydrogesterone and Wobenzym was carried out among 80 pregnant women in comparison with the standard method of therapy aimed to reduce the reproductive losses.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):135-138
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Identification of common factors osteopenic syndrome and arterial hypertension in teenagers

Stadler E.R.


The paper analyzes the major risk factors of osteoporosis (OP), hypertension (AH) and atherosclerosis in adolescents aged 15-18 years. The study revealed a number of modifiable risk factors of atherosclerosis, hypertension and ETA. The analysis of the treatment of patients in both groups led to the conclusion that the appointment of adolescents with ETA calcium and vitamin D3 for 1 year contributed to the increase of the IPC.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):139-141
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Early postnatal disadaptatation in very preterm infants with gestational position especially some of hemostasis and cerebral blood flow

Tupikova S.A.


We observed 90 children 22-34 weeks’ gestation: 47 children have developed IVH1 in the first days of life (the study group); 43 children are without IVH (the comparison group). During the early postnatal disadaptation syndrome, very preterm infants showed a high frequency of IVH, depending on gestational age at birth. IVH development process mediated in conjunction with gestational features of hemostasis: decrease platelet aggregation, reduced levels of plasma fibronectin. Revealed hyper perfusion in pools of anterior and middle cerebral arteries in combination with low plasmatic FN and reduced platelet aggregation mediates IVH in the subependymal region in the 1st day of life in very preterm infants and participates in the postnatal disadaptation syndrome.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):142-148
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Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of antiviral drugs of different groups of children with SARS in the outpatient setting

Tyutyunik L.P.


The article presents a retrospective analysis of the efficacy of the three groups of antiviral drugs that treated children with SARS in the outpatient setting. Evaluation of treatment outcome was performed in 45 children with SARS, using the principles of evidence-based medicine, using chetyrehpolnyh. tabulation.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):149-151
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Experience of using low-level laser and mikrodozovoy drug therapy in patients with chronic diseases veins C6 clinical class

Zhukov A.A.


Article is devoted to improving the results of treatment of 58 patients with chronic lower limb venous C6 clinical class. In the complex treatment and preoperative setting used low-level laser and micro-dose drug therapy for the treatment of nonhealing wounds. Dynamic estimation of planimetric parameters of trophic venous ulcers of a contact and contact-less methods. Used thermography, bacteriological and cytological methods. The proposed method of treatment has a strong bactericidal, bacteriostatic, analgesic and sedative effects, improves and accelerates the processes of purification, regeneration and epithelialization of venous ulcers.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):152-155
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Method of correction arthrogenic congestive syndrome in patients with chronic venous insufficiency of lower extremities

Isaeva E.S.


Article is devoted to improving treatment outcomes in 160 patients with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities combined with pathology of the locomotor system . Mean age 61,7±2,4 years, a history of 10 to 20 years. In the propagation of trophic region of the medial malleolus formed arthrosis contracture and ankle. Developing congestive arthritic syndrome and functional insufficiency of the lower limbs. Inclusion complex biomechanical techniques in functional diagnosis and treatment increased the efficiency of medical rehabilitation patients C5-C6 clinical classes. Parameter range of biomechanical stimulation: Amplitude - 0±50 mm, frequency - 0,2 ± 30 Hz and pressure - 0±3,0 kg/cm2. The course consisted of 15 daily 7-12 minute treatments in orthostatic position of the patient.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):156-160
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Diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic venous diseases C5-C6 class complicated by fasciacompressional syndrome

Kushnarchuk M.Y.


Article is devoted to improving the results of diagnosis and treatment of 78 patients with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities complicated by chronic venous compartment syndrome. This complication occurs when expressed lipodermatosclerosis and scar tissue due to deformation of the circular trophic sores spread. A comparative analysis of various parameters of functional electromyography, intramuscular pressure and CT scan of the lower extremities in patients C5-C6 classes. In chronic venous compartment syndrome, surgery is necessary to supplement the endoscopic decompression fasciotomy shin muscle sheaths.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):161-164
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Gravitational therapy and medical plasmapheresis in complex therapy of obliterating atherosclerosis of arteries lower limb

Lopukhov E.S.


We studied the results of treating 186 patients with atherosclerosis chronic ischemia of lower limb. The patients were subdivided into three groups. The use of medical plasmapheresis and gravitational therapy in complex therapy makes it possible to improve the results of therapy and normalize the majority of examined results of antioxidant status, lipid spectrum and regional blood flow in the lower limbs.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):165-168
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Influence of the methods of ozonetherapy on indicators of antioxidant status in patients with obliterating atherosclerosis arteries of lower extremities stage II

Lukashova A.V.


The study of the state of the immune and antioxidant status in 60 patients with obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities of stage II before and after application of methods of ozonetherapy on top of standard medical therapy. The study found that in the observed patients had a suppression of T-cell immunity, disbalance of indicators of humoral protection, activation of peroxide lipid oxidation, suppression of аntioxidant protection. Using the methods of ozonetherapy in the complex conservative therapy to normalize most of the investigated parameters.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):169-171
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The application of hbot with non-small lung cancer chemotherapy

Popova M.Y.


Carrying out chemotherapy is recommended to over 80% patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Chemotherapy side-effects force to reduce the dose of drugs, postponement of the next course of treatment or refuse treatment at all. That leads to worsen prognosis. It is an actual problem of neoteric oncology the search for new methods of correction of chemotherapy complications. Quite promising in this regard is the contemplation of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). In this study, we showed a reduction of hematologic toxicity in terms of hemoglobin, leukocytes, neutrophils and platelets in patients receiving chemotherapy scheme EP under HBOT sessions. The frequency and severity of chemotherapy toxicity were significantly less manifested.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):172-175
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Optimization of surgical treatment of patients with complex chronic paraproctitis

Razin A.N.


In the treatment of patients with fistulas ekstrasfinkternymi adrectal, the number of relapses and failure anal sphincter remains high. Based on this analysis, the optimal treatment strategy in patients with this pathology should be considered with the excision of the fistula rectoplasty. By the ligature method should be resorted to in case of relapse.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):176-180
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Using prosthetic methods of plastics and the laser therapy in emergency surgery hernias of the abdominal wall

Shestakov E.V.


The aim of work was to improve the results of treatment of patients with strangulated ventral hernias by prostheses of the abdominal wall using mesh implants and laser therapy. The detailed analysis was carried out on huge clinical material and the comparative evaluation of traditional methods and prosthetic plastics with infringement inguinal, umbilical, femoral and postoperative ventral hernias was conducted. The studies confirm that the integrated approach in treating patients with this pathology helps to improve the results of surgical treatment, reduction of postoperative complications, time of rehabilitation of patients and recurrence of herniation in comparison with traditional ways of hernioplasty.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):181-185
pages 181-185 views

Multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease in patients with diabetes

Afanasyev V.V., Vyrmaskin S.I.


The global prevalence, high growth rate of morbidity and disability among patients in the early stages characterize diabetes mellitus (DM) as a socially significant disease. The results of scientific works of leading domestic and foreign scientists demonstrate the relationship of inflammatory diseases of periodontitis and diabetes. The authors propose a treatment algorithm for diabetes in combination with pathology of periodontitis. The comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation of such patients significantly allows scientists to improve dental status and quality of life of patients with diabetes.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):186-188
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The comparative analysis of level of the stomatologic help given to elderly inhabitants of the Samara region, being in different social conditions

Balueva E.S.


The article presents results of an automated calculation of state dental care index using an authoring program. We concluded that the level of dental care provided to elderly residents who were living in different social conditions of the Samara region towns and villages, in all cases was inadequate.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):189-190
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The use of dental erbium laser in surgical treatment of patients with diabetes

Vyrmaskin S.I.


Providing dental surgical care to patients with diabetes mellitus is an actual problem of dentistry. The use of laser technology in periodontal surgery improves the clinical response to treatment compared with traditional methods. In inflammatory diseases of periodontal complex dental erbium laser affects on a wide range of etiopathogenetic factors and significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):191-192
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Violations of oral cavity hygiene as a risk factor of pregnancy hypertrophic gingivitis

Gilmiyarov E.M., Levina N.M.


The results of research of the most widespread disorders of oral cavity hygiene as a risk factor of pregnancy hypertrophic gingivitis are presented. The aver-age level of oral cavity hygiene among pregnant women from the Samara region is showed. It is proved that the violation of hygienic standards and rules has a greater risk of hypertrophic gingivitis in pregnant women than in those who are not pregnant.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):193-197
pages 193-197 views

The pregnancy on the significance of the associated pathology a risk factor hypertrophic gingivitis

Levina N.M.


The article addresses the results of the diagnostic-related research of the significance of the associated pathology among pregnant women as a risk factor of the hypertrophic gingivitis in terms of Samara region. It demonstrates that the gestational dislocations in the female body are proved to increase the pathogen impact of associated diseases on the mouth cavity.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):198-201
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Improvement of orthodontic treatment of mesial occlusion combined with cleft lip, alveolar process and palate applied with Postnokov’s apparatus

Postnikov M.A.


The application of modern orthodontic apparatus for treatment of mesial occlusion of dentoalveolar form combined with cleft lip, alveolar process and palate proves the opportunity of the treatment using non-surgical methods. The method of orthodontic treatment of patients aged 11-15 is developed with application of Postnikov’s apparatus. During orthodontic treatment such vital important functions as food chewing, biting and aesthetic function were normalized.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):202-206
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Advisability of imposing an additional anastomosis at maxillotomy on infant

Tarasov Y.V.


The particular problem is the development of new methods of surgical treatment of patients with chronic maxillary sinusitis and sinus cysts. Currently, the dominant mode of treatment of cysts of the maxillary sinus is still a radical operation Caldwell-Luc. The compulsory stage of the operation is to create a sufficient anastomosis with the nasal cavity. According to our data indicating the imposition of an additional anastomosis is only natural fistula patency failure after his bougienage.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):207-209
pages 207-209 views

The evaluation of biological compatibility of nonvowen titanium material with a through porosity on culture of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells in experiment

Scherbovskikh A.E.


The biological compatibility of nonvowen titanium material with a through porosity on culture of multipotent mesenchimal stromal cells was evaluated. Testing was carried out using multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells under 2 passages in vitro. Total time cultivation of cell cultures was 27 days. From 6 to 27 days of the experiment the cells reached 95 % of monolayer coverage on the surface of culture plastic in the test and control groups showed positive dynamics of increase in the number of cells in the lumen pores and on the surface of the material in the test group. Visual proportion of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells in the study and control groups appeared to be equal. The biocompatibility of titanium nonwoven material with a though porosity obtained by using the method of cold pressing on the culture of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells was experimentally proved.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):210-213
pages 210-213 views

Gender eating habits of university students Nizhnevartovsk

Abramova O.V.


Gender-specific nutrition features of the students living in special climatic conditions of the West Siberian region and in higher education institutions of Nizhnevartovsk are examined. The volume of research includes 976 people. The observed relationship between the reception time of the maximum amount of food and increased body mass index is shown. In male students increased body mass index, overweight respectively, are observed with increasing multiplicity of meals, while female students while reducing the multiplicity meals. The prevention programs should be differentiated among students of both sexes.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):214-217
pages 214-217 views

Clinical results of economic analysis of patients diabetic retinopathy with macular edema

Iskhakova A.G.


In the study clinical and economic evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment in 47 patients with diabetic retinopathy (DR) with macular edema was carried out. The patients were under supervision during 1 year. A total of 92 intravitreal injections of ranibizumab and 112 laser treatments were performed. 3 201 446,00 rubles was spent on the treatment of 47 patients. According to a subjective evaluation by a scale of 100 the patient’s condition was estimated at an average of 47,3±2,45 points; in a year after the treatment 46,1±2,64 points (p> 0,05). Visual acuity before the treatment was 0,40±0,04, after the treatment it was with 0,36±0,04 (p> 0,05). Height macular edema before the treatment was 375±9,2 microns, after 388±10,4 mm (p> 0,05). It was shown that money efficiency observed in nonproliferative DR where it was possible to stabilize visual function and to reduce the phenomenon of macular edema.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):218-220
pages 218-220 views

The economic aspects of the treatment of patients with chronic virus hepatitis C

Muryvanova N.N.


The work examines the problem of the treatment of chronic virus hepatitis C. The data on effectiveness and expense of the treatment of chronic hepatitis C by means of different diagrams of patients’ treatment obtained with the help of the methods “the cost of disease” and “cost- effectiveness” are represented.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):221-224
pages 221-224 views

Analysis of the program preferential provision of medicines implememtation in Volga federal district

Petrukhina I.K.


Approximately 600 000 people are remained the right to receive the benefit in kind in the program of provision essential medicines in Volga federal district in 2014. This is about 19,6% of the total number benefit recipients, entered in the register. Such tendency shows that in the system of preferential provision of medicines there are primarily still patients, required medicines only for life-saving. The main reasons for refuse a set of social services are the following: benefit recipient prefer medicines of quite particular trade names and determined pharmaceutical manufacturers; list of medicines in federal catalogue is limited; benefit recipient do not want to replace previously selected medicine to the alternative or other medicine.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):225-228
pages 225-228 views

Results of medical activation of uveoscleral outflow in primary open-angle glaucoma

Karlova E.V.


The clinical results of medical activation of uveoscleral outflow demonstrate marked effect (increase of uveoscleral tonographic coefficient) of topical prostaglandins, moderate effect of combination prostaglandin/beta-blocker and poor effect of α2-agonist. The activation of uveoscleral outflow is more effective in patients under the age of 60, it may be associated with sufficient ciliary muscle activity.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):229-232
pages 229-232 views

Results of surgical treatment of patients with the pseudoexfoliative syndrome at the crystalline lens incomplete dislocation

Startsev I.S., Polunina M.A.


The results of a phacoemulsification, extra-and intracapsule extraction of a cataract with implantation of an intraocular lens in 128 patients with a pseudoexfoliative syndrome and a crystalline lens incomplete dislocation are analyzed. Visual acuity 0,3 and more is noted in 63 (50,5%) patients.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):233-235
pages 233-235 views

Modern microinvasive vitreoretinal surgery in patients with high myopia complicated by myopic foveoschisis

Stebnev V.S.


In the article features and results of the surgical treatment of vitreoretinal surgery in patients with myopic foveoschisis are studied. The results of the surgical treatment of 10 patients with high myopia complicated by myopic foveoschisis aged 48,9±4.3 years are analyzed. The application of modern microinvasive vitreoretinal surgery allows the scientists to receive high anatomic and functional results in treating of patients with high myopia complicated by myopic foveoschisis in early and late period of observation. Intraoperative and postoperative complications, anatomical and functional results are analyzed. Modern microinvasive vitreoretinal technologies make it much easier and make safe and effective surgery of myopic foveoschisis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):236-238
pages 236-238 views

Long-term results of treatment subretunal neovascularization using the medication Vizudin in complicated high myopia

Fadeeva A.V.


This article examines the problems in the treatment of subretinal neovascularization. The efficiency of the combined method of treatment of this pathology has been analyzed. The need for a combination of verteporfin and glucocorticosteroids is identified and justified. On the basis of the conducted research the author suggests using such a combined method for the treatment of subretinal neovascularization in eyes with of high complicated myopia.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):239-241
pages 239-241 views

Computer perimetry and short wavelength automated perimetry for the purposes of early diagnostic of primary open angle glaucoma

Shugurova N.E.


This paper considers the possibility of using a computer perimetry and short wavelength automated perimetry for the purposes of early diagnostics and monitoring of primary open angle glaucoma patients.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):242-244
pages 242-244 views

Development of methods of quantitative analysis of total saponins and total flavonoids

Akushskaya A.S.


In the present study there were developed the techniques of quantitative analysis of total saponins and total flavonoids by means of spectrophotometry in the UV and visible spectral region. The contents of total saponins and total flavonoids are 3,1±0,125% and 0,90±0,029% respectively. The relative degree of the determination of the total saponins and total flavonoids in developed methods with confidence probability 0,95 are no more than ±4,48% and ±3,21% respectively.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):245-248
pages 245-248 views

The study of diuretic activity of bilberry drugs

Ryazanova T.K., Zaitceva H.N.


The study of diuretic and saluretic action of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of fruits of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) on laboratory animals has been performed. According the results of study the extracts from fresh bilberry fruit have moderate diuretic effect. The diuretic effect of the extract of fresh blueberry fruit is compared with hydrochlorothiazide. There was an inverse relationship between the content of tannins and diuretic effect of drugs.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):249-251
pages 249-251 views

Morphological changes in thyroid gland under “Mercasolil” in experiment

Starostina A.A.


Experimental modeling of hyperthyroidism in 18 laboratory animals was carried out. The micropreparations of thyroid gland before and after mercasolil treating were studied. The application of this medication causes the development of sclerosis in stroma of thyroid gland, promotes shaping of spikes between thyroid and surrounding tissues.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):252-253
pages 252-253 views

The analysis of complaints and objective characteristic of nasal respiratory function in patients with acute purulent rhinosinusitis

Stepanov E.N.


In the article the complaints of patients with acute purulent rhinosinusitis and the objective characteristic of nasal respiratory function are revealed. We examined 100 patients with acute purulent rhinosinusitis and 100 healthy persons. All the patients were questioned with the help of a special questionnaire which characterizes nasal respiratory dysfunction. The results were compared with rhinomanometry date. The investigation revealed the dependence between the complaints of patients with acute purulent rhinosinusitis and the intensity of objective nasal respiratory dysfunction. So, we can recommend to use the questionnaire which characterizes nasal respiratory dysfunction for diagnostic acute purulent rhinosinusitis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):254-256
pages 254-256 views

Method for evaluating performance of medical organizations and services Rospotrebnadzor

Suchkov V.V.


A method of evaluating the performance of health care organizations and services Rospotrebnadzor is developed. Identify indicators that characterize the work of medical organizations and services Rospotrebnadzor are determined. A strategy for the systematic improvement of the functioning of medical institutions and services Rospotrebnadzor is worked out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):257-259
pages 257-259 views

Standartizing problems of phytopharmaceutical «Cholagogue composition №3»

Khusainova A.I.


To improve the quality of this herbal materials as a medicine and as a component of phytopharmaceutical «Сholagogue composition No. 3» the quantitative analysis of the amount of flavonoids in the leaves of Mentha piperita L. was worked out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):260-263
pages 260-263 views


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Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2014;14(1-2):264-268
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