Vol 13, No 5-6 (2013)


Individual and psychological features of patients with atopic dermatitis

Arsenjeva A.A.


The paper presents the results of a survey of 80 patients with a diagnosis of «Atopic dermatitis». Psychosomatic aspects of the disease are considered, the performances of anxiety, alexithymia, stress-coping behavior and reactions of frustration are studied. The data obtained suggest the important role of the psychic in the genesis of the disease and its provocations aggravations. Patients with atopic dermatitis feel emotional discomfort, accompanied by negative expectations they are characterized by a reduced ability to verbalize affective states, the use of ineffective coping strategies, and passive-expected behavior in difficult situations.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):8-12
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Pharmacoepidemiological analysis of preferential drug supply to patients with bronchial asthma and cardiovascular disease in outpatient clinics

Belova I.V.


We studied 468 patients with bronchial asthma and cardiovascular disease. Outpatients are provided with drugs under the federal and regional programs of preferential drug supply. As a result of the conducted pharmacoepidemiological comparative analysis, some differences in quality and quantity of medications administration in the treatment of patients with bronchial asthma and consumption tendencies in the most significant pharmacotherapeutic groups have been established.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):13-17
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Interrelation of genetic disturbances in the haemostatic system, homocystein metabolismand the course of hemorrhagic vasculitis

Berman Y.O.


In hemorrhagic vasculitis due to inflammation in the walls of microvessels and endothelial damage to their hypercoagulable changes occur in the hemostatic system, leading to thrombophilia. These disturbances in some patients may be exacerbated by the hyperhomocysteinemia caused by mutations in the genes of methylenetetrahydrofolate (MTHFR) C677T and metioninreduktazsintazy (MTRR) Ile22Met. An increase in the frequency of these mutations in hemorrhagic vasculitis , compared with people without the disease , as well as differences in the prevalence of mutations in various forms and degrees of severity of vasculitis. Role of other genetic abnormalities in the haemostatic system in hemorrhagic vasculitis requires further research.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):18-22
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Technical problems of polysomnography and the methods of influence reducing in the application of fractal measures for polysomnography

Zakharov A.V.


This article describes the different types of artifacts that may be encountered during polysomnography. The features of registration polysomnographic parameters for subsequent processing of their fractal measures with the aim of building hypnogram are analyzed. The methods for eliminating or reducing the known types of artifacts in the application of fractal measures for automated recognition of sleep stages are offered.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):23-25
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The early rehabilitation of postinsult patients in the conditions of cardio-neurological sanatorium

Kazachanskaya E.F.


Studied 160 patients after acute ischemic stroke at the age from 27 till 76 years, of which 107 men (66,8%) and 53 women (33,2 %). All the patients were sent to sanatoriums and health resorts follow-up care after hospital in 7 to 21 days from the onset of the disease. 80 (50 %) patients revealed concomitant cardiac pathology. A complex analysis of the results after a stroke in the conditions of cardio-neurological sanatorium and revealed the peculiarities of the early rehabilitation period depending on the presence of concomitant cardiac pathology. Postinsult patients with concomitant cardiac pathology represent the most severe category of patients, requires the participation of a cardiologist and neurologist in the rehabilitation and can expect a positive effect, largely dependent on the organization of rehabilitation process in the conditions of cardio-neurological sanatorium.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):26-29
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Clinoco-epidemic features of patients with chronic hepatitis C considering virus genotype in the Samara region

Konstantinov D.Y.


This article presents data on genotypic structure of viral hepatitis C in 824 patients living in the Samara region. The Samara region common genotypes are 1b and 3а. Among the possible ways of getting infected the use of intravenous drugs is the dominated risk of infection. Clinical features were characterized by a predominance of asthenovegetative syndrome and dyspeptic in patients with mixed and genotype 1а, lb HCV.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):30-34
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Effect of systemic inflammation on endothelial function smokers and patients with COPD I and II stages

Kuvaev V.S.


We studied the indicators of systemic inflammation, prokoagulation, vasomotor and proliferative endothelial function and microcirculation in smokers and patients with COPD in the early stages of the disease. We have examined the relationship between systemic inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and parameters of laser Doppler flowmetry. We have determined the earliest markers of systemic inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in smokers and patients with COPD.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):35-40
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Diagnostic problems of abdominal obesity in schoolchildren in Samara

Kuleshova A.V.


Stage 1 of the study was designed to estimate the incidence of abdominal obesity among 960 schoolchildren aged between 11 and 17 years using the percentile tables for the waist circumference (WC) in the children’s population of the United Kingdom and from the WC/height ratio that makes it possible to identify children at the highest risk of metabolic disturbances. The incidence of abdominal obesity based on the criterion of WC≥90th percentile (PC) for the age and the sex was estimate to be 33.7% for the entire group in the absence of significant difference between boys and girls (37.7% vs 35.8%). The incidence of abdominal obesity based on the criterion of WC/height ratio with a threshold value of ≥0.5 was 11.0% for both sexes in the entire group it was significantly higher in the boys than in the girls (14.1% vs 7.9%). At the second stage of the study, the group of the children having WC>90th PC show significantly higher systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure, blood triglyceride and insulin levels and HOMAIR index but lower HDL levels than control patient with WC<90-го PC. The results of the study suggest the high incidence of abdominal obesity among schoolchildren residing in large cities. Moreover, such children tend to develop metabolic disturbances and at risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):41-47
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Some factors of risk development of post-stroke epilepsy

Muromtseva E.K.


In the clinical picture of the acute disturbance of brain blood circulation in 10-25% the epileptic syndrome is noted. It considerably makes worse the clinical picture of the disease and results in deterioration of the patients’ life. Studying of risk factors of the development of epilepsy after endured stroke is necessary for further improvement of diagnostics and forecast optimization at the postinsult epilepsy (PE). We studied 1097 patients with complications of stroke and the group of 123 patients with endured stroke complicated by PE was revealed. A number of signs, such as age and sex of the patient, influence of accompanying pathology, a time interval of emergence of attacks after stroke, the development of the epileptic status in the acute period of the stroke, affected part and focus localization, feature of the stroke, carried-out treatment, etc., as risk factors of the development of symptomatic epilepsy after stroke was exposed to the analysis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):48-52
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The effect of sublingual immunotherapy on the control level of bronchial asthma

Nagatkin D.A.


Allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis some of the most common forms of atopic diseases. Despite the wide range of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of allergic diseases, the main point of their application remains symptomatic treatment. Allergen-specific immunotherapy to date remains the only method of pathogenic effects on the course of allergic diseases. The aim of our work was to evaluate the effects of sublingual formulations for allergen-specific therapy on the level of control and quality of life of patients suffering from allergic form of bronchial asthma and proven sensitization to pollens of trees. The study involved 37 patients who had been previously examined by carrying out skin prick tests with allergens to detect sensitization to pollen of birch, alder and hazel. Evaluated the following parameters: the results of ACT (Asthma Control Test) test, ACQ-5 (Asthma Control Questionary) test parameters were evaluated quality of life using the SF-36 questionnaire (The Short Form 36), and spirometry. Carrying sublingual immunotherapy significantly improved the quality of life of patients and increase the performance of control of their disease.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):53-56
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The effect of hemodialysis on the endothelium state in patients with chronic kidney disease

Nezyamova A.R., Kurapova M.V., Romasheva E.P.


The article represents an issue of the endothelium state in patients with chronic kidney disease receiving hemodialysis treatment program. 51 patients were evaluated with chronic kidney disease, stage V. The complex of enzyme immunoassay and instrumental methods prior to hemodialysis, during, and after its completion was used. Our data show no significant differences in the testimony of the microcirculation and the level of endothelin-1.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):57-59
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Modern peculiarities of the course and diagnostics of meningovascular neurosyphilis

Oleynik A.N.


On the basis of the complex examination of 76 patients with meningovascular neurosyphilis in the conditions of neurologic department it is established that the high frequency of early mesenchymal and vascular syphilis is noted. Considerably the specific number of patients with neurosyphilis with the complicated anamnesis increased: alcoholism, drug addiction, the craniocereberal traumas, accompanying somatic diseases, asocial way of life. For early neurosyphilis affection of oculomotor group of cranial nerves, meningo-radicular, asteno-vegetative syndromes, pupillary disturbances are characterized. Considering not expressiveness and atipizm of the clinical picture of neurosyphilis, as the main criterion of diagnostics it is necessary to have a combination of change of proteinaceous and cellular structure and positive serological tests in spinal liquid. For early identification of neurosyphilis and the correct differential diagnostics of a disease it is reasonable to use head and spinal MRI, a transcranial dopplerografy both laboratory tests of blood and spinal liquid on syphilis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):60-63
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Antibodies р-53 as a factor of the prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia course

Rogova E.S.


The article is devoted to a review of modern views on the pathogenesis, clinical course, diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The modern concept of the mutational status of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia is described. The possibility of optimizing the prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia is shown.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):64-66
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Community-acquired pneumonia pharmacotherapy of patients treated in hospital in Samara

Sivakova O.D.


The article presents data pharmacoepidemiological analysis of the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia patients treated in hospital. The questions of rationality empirical antibiotictherapy compliance pharmacotherapy existing clinical guidelines and treatment standards are considered. The ways of optimizing the treatment of patients with community-acquired pneumonia admitted to major hospitals in Samara are revealed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):67-71
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Modern view on the influence of work vibration on cardiovascular system (literature review)

Tatarovskaya N.A.


The article contains the review of up-to-date scientific literature dwelt on the influence of work vibration on cardiovascular system. Cardiologic and microcirculation alterations are characterized, the influence of vibration impact on concomitant cardiovascular diseases is revealed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):72-74
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Noninvasive diagnosis of renal osteodystrophy (literature review)

Upolovnikova V.S., Romasheva E.P., Rubanenko O.A.


This review concerns to “Chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder” (CKD-MBD). This term is used to describe a set of biochemical abnormalities, bone disturbances that may lead to fractures, and extraskeletal calcification in soft tissues and arteries seen in CKD. Renal osteodystrophy (ROD) is a part of the CKD-MBD, the bone biopsy is the gold standard to diagnose it, but it is not clinically practical for studying continuous changes in bone morphology. The recent studies concern to the noninvasive diagnosis of renal osteodystrophy to predict fracture risk and optimize the therapy.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):75-78
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Correction of endothelial dysfunction in patients with COPD, the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (atorvastatin)

Fedorina M.A.


The study included 49 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease stage III combined CHD. All patients were divided into two comparable groups: first - 26 people to pathogenetic therapy of COPD received atorvastatin, the second - 23 people did not receive treatment with atorvastatin. Follow-up was 3 months. In both groups lipid metabolism, systemic inflammation, spirometry were analyzed. Among patients treated with atorvastatin a significant reduction in markers of inflammation, normalization of blood lipid profile, as well as slowing the progression of respiratory failure were revealed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):79-83
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Modern medical technology care of premature newborns with underweight in children hospital

Galakhova O.O.


Among the deaths of newborns children with extremely underweight dominate. Children born prematurely are at high risk of development of various complications, affecting their quality of life in the neonatal and subsequent periods, most of which can be prevented or controlled. Materials on nursing of premature newborns with extremely underweight are summarized, the retrospective analysis of data is carried out. It is necessary to develop measures aimed at further reducing mortality among this group.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):84-89
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Prophylactic medical examination of women with pathology

Gracheva O.N.


The phenotypical women with the signs of connective tissue displaceability were examined. The results show that the development of connective tissue dysplasia may be related to the destabilization of the system of exchange of magnesium and hydroxyproline. Correlation dependence of obstetrical gynecological pathology is less important. But we should pay attention to this problem when we deal with prediction development of gynecological disorders.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):90-93
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Modern view on possible risks of cervical insufficiency

Linchenko N.A.


The aim of the study was to estimate the most significant risk factors of cervical insufficiency (CI). Sixty retrospective chart reviews were made in patients with CI. Control group consisted of fifty pregnant women who had a threat of miscarriage in the second term but didn‘t have CI. As a result we estimated the cause-effect association between CI and curettage of uterine cavity, late spontaneous miscarriage, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyperandrogenism, the use of uterine device, and ovariotomy.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):94-95
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Reactive arthritis in children and adolescent: clinic, diagnosis, treatment (literature review)

Shamsutdinova E.D., Neshpor A.A.


The article is devoted to the review of scientific literature and reflected modern understanding of reactive arthritis in children and adolescent. The main clinical symptoms of reactive arthritis in children are presented. Criteria of diagnosis of reactive arthritis are regarded. Questions of diagnostics and treatment of reactive arthritis in children are shown. Problems of prediction in reactive arthritis’ outcomes are reflected and the possibility of transformation of reactive arthritis in children to severe immunoaggressive disease is discussed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):96-101
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Immunological aspects of fat embolism syndrome at tubular bones fractures

Gabdullin M.M.


The analysis of literature data about the use of immunological parameters as markers of severity and prognosis of fat embolism syndrome was performed. The information on the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of this condition is presented. The absence of specific laboratory tests which help to diagnose fat embolism is indicated. Recent research is characterized by immunological mechanisms study this pathology, with more and more attention of the authors turn to production of cytokines, particularly interleukin-6 (IL-6). Several studies have shown that increased levels of lung inflammatory mediators in the development of fat embolism, including the concentration of IL-6, the expression of CD-11b, TNF-α. It is noted that a number of authors believe that inflammatory changes in pulmonary fat embolism syndrome mediated immunological disorders. It is found that disorders of the IL-6 transcription may also lead to an altered response to fat embolism in the lungs, and by the development of the full fat embolism syndrome. It is concluded that the new understanding of the mechanisms of this disease with the immunopathogenesis will provide new opportunities to use markers for the early diagnosis of the syndrome improving existing schemes prevention and treatment of traumatic fat embolism.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):102-109
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The treatment of hemostatis impairment in patients with open reconstruction of the infrarenal part of aorta

Gureev A.D.


The article presents the results of studies of the plasma - platelet hemostasis in patients undergone surgical intervention on the abdominal part of aorta. The work includes 96 patients. All of them are performed open aorto - iliac reconstruction. 32 patients have aneurysm of the infrarenal part of aorta, and 64 patients have the Leriche syndrome in developed chronic critical limb ischemia. It is confirmed that consumption coagulopathy is present in all of these patients before the operation. The degree of fibrinolytic activity by the end of surgery does not exceed the critical value. Algorithm of infusion - transfusion therapy in infrarenal part of aortic surgery is worked out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):110-114
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Pharmacoeconomic advantages of general combined anesthesia during cholecystectomy of minimal access

Ivanova I.V.


The effectiveness of pharmacoeconomic general combined anesthesia on the basis of inhalation anesthetics and total intravenous anesthesia with mechanical ventilation during cholecystectomy of minimal access was studied. The study involved 120 patients with different concomitant diseases, aged 25 to 75 years (mean age 41, 84 ± 1, 01 years) who underwent cholecystectomy from mini-approach in a planned manner: under combined anesthesia on the basis of modern inhaled anesthetics (Sevoran or isoflurane) - 40 patients under anesthesia based on a combination of inhaled anesthetics (nitrous oxide) - 40 patients, and total intravenous anesthesia with mechanical ventilation - 40 patients. Clinical and economic analysis showed that the combined anesthesia on the basis of modern inhaled anesthetics was clinically and economically viable during cholecystectomy of minimal access.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):115-118
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Immediate results and follow-ups of pneumonectomy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer concerning the volume of systemic mediastinal lymph node dissection

Lukjyanov Y.V., Protsenko A.V.


Immediate results of treatment and follow-ups of 933 patients undergoing pneumonectomy for T1-3N0-1M0 stage non-small cell lung cancer have been analyzed. According to the volume of intervention, the patients are divided into two groups: group I - patients who underwent pneumonectomy with typical lymph node dissection group II - patients who underwent pneumonectomy with systemic mediastinal lymph node dissection. Performed systemic mediastinal lymph node dissection didn’t worsen immediate outcomes. The survival rate calculated by the Kaplan-Meier method in group I and group II didn’t significantly increase.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):119-122
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New laser technology in diagnostics and low lip cancer therapy

Rybkina O.A.


Fluorescent diagnostics and photodynamic therapy in 45 patients with cancer of the lower lip using a photosensitizer Photosens, which was introduced in a dose of 0.5 mg / kg and 0.8 mg / kg. were held. In 24 hours after the administration of Photosense fluorescence the intensity in tumor cancer in the lower lip cancer patients increased dramatically and was 150.8 rel. u., diagnostic contrast ratio was 1.7. With increasing doses of the injectable preparation (from 0.5 to 0.8 mg / kg) fluorescence intensity in tumor lesions and in healthy mucosa was increased. While evaluating the overall effect of the treatment was reported in 69% of patients, a partial response was observed in 25% of patients and 6% of patients recorded stabilization. According to the results of the therapy there was a slight deviation from the norms of physiological indices studied the functional status of the liver and kidneys.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):123-128
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Peculiarities of stoma formation in limit mobility of intestinal loop

Fedorin A.I.


The analysis of treatment of 52 patients with peritonitis and acute intestinal obstruction was carried out. In all cases the formation of stoma was performed after resection of the small intestine. In cases, where the output of the small intestine on the abdominal wall was impossible by conventional methods because of dense adhesions occurring tension, the method proposed by the authors was applied. A description of this method, indications for its use and clinical example are given. The attention is drown to its advantages over traditional methods.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):129-131
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Causes of postoperative gastric, duodenal and anastomotic suture leakage and its prophylactics

Kharin I.V.


The treatment of 55 patients with gastric, duodenal and anastomotic suture leakage after operations for gastric and duodenal ulcer complicated by hemorrhage, perforation, pyloroduodenal stenosis and Mallory-Weiss syndrome is analyzed. The causes of suture leak were technical difficulties during the surgical intervention, irrational methods of the operation, severe related diseases and disturbance of homeostasis in the patient's body. The comprehensive approaches to prophylaxis of postoperative gastric, duodenal and anastomotic leaks have been considered.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):132-136
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Determination of indicators of quality of life in patients with total absence of teeth using advanced methods of orthopedic treatment

Zinkovskaya A.S.


An actual problem in dentistry now is prosthetics at total absence of teeth that is connected with deterioration of conditions for prostheses fixing in an oral cavity concerning the age. This circumstance can’t but be reflected in value judgment by patients of the condition in an everyday life.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):137-139
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Clinical peculiarities of mucous oral cavity of pregnant women with hypertrophic gingivitis

Levina N.M.


Clinical peculiarities of mucous oral cavity of pregnant women with hypertrophic gingivitis in comparison with pregnant women without inflammatory diseases of oral cavity are described in this article. The role of inflammatory diseases of oral cavity is show n as a risk factor of pregnancy hypertrophic gingivitis in the Samara region. It is shown that during pregnancy the negative influence of local factors of hypertrophic gingivitis is increased for certain.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):140-143
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Research results of influence on bone tissue remodeling in patients with dental implantation and generalized periodontitis

Leonenko P.V.


The problem of structural and biomechanical changes in bone tissue in metabolic osteopathy on the background of generalized periodontitis is designated. In the study it is proved that the use of magnetic-laser therapy on a background of pharmacological corrective therapy with ibandronic acid in patients with generalized periodontitis and osteopathy, before and after dental implantation reduces the activity of resorption processes, normalizes bone metabolism, promotes long-term remission of the disease, and leads to more predictable result of dental implantation.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):144-151
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Modern views on prosthetics in patients with partial dental loss and reduced lower facial height (literature review)

Salkova S.P.


Unilateral or bilateral loss of the posterior teeth, and loss of the last pair of teeth antagonists may cause a decreasing of lower facial height. There are many different points of view to its reconstruction. The main aim of the study was the analysis of the current approaches to the prosthetic treatment of patients with partial dental loss and reduced lower facial height. The analysis shows that nowadays there is no one opinion about treating patients with reduced lower facial height, types and timing of the use of temporary structures, which makes it relevant to the further improvement and the search for new techniques of treating patients with this pathology.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):152-155
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The role of removable prosthesis in improvement of quality of life of patients with total loss of teeth

Sanososyuk N.O.


The aim of investigation was to study a problem of rehabilitation of the patients who for the first time use prosthesis after total loss of teeth. The author analyses domestic and foreign literature concerning terms of the beginning of prosthetics after multiple removal of teeth, psychosocial adaptation of the patient to full removable prosthesis, restoration of an esthetics and chewing and speech functions, to possible complications. The analysis of literature resulted in the following: the best adaptation to full removable prosthesis after multiple removal of teeth came at application of direct prosthetics technique.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):156-159
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Experimental justification of application of transosseous osteo-locks with a combined cutting edge for osteosynthesis of mandibular fractures

Safarov S.A., Scherbovskikh A.E.


Optimum results in the fixation of fractures of the mandible using the method of external transosseous osteosynthesis were achieved by the regulation of the temperature in the area of bone preparation using the selection of optimum cutting angle, as well as the shape of the cutting edge of the spokes. The effectiveness of osteo-locks with a combined cutting edge was experimentally demonstrated on the bone blocks. The temperature at the focus of the osteotomy was 34 ± 0,7 degrees Celcium. The results of the study optimize the operation of transosseous osteosynthesis spokes in the treatment of mandibular fractures.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):160-163
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Stomatologic status of patients with acute leukemia

Svechnikova M.V.


Oral mucositis is quite distressing for patients. There were formed groups of patients with acute lymphoblastic and acute nonlymphoblastical leukemia. We have determined some indeces and characterized stomatological status of them. The results indicate, that patients with leukemia have xerostomia, enlarging of lymph nodes, haemorrhagia, pain in oral cavity. Evidence demonstrates that patients with leukemia need in stomatological observing, because their level of hygenical oral is low in many cases.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):164-166
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The analysis of regional features of dental profile hospitalizations volumes of retirement age population

Balueva E.S.


The article presents analysis of dental profile hospitalizations volumes by various financing sources in medical organizations of different ownership forms for the population of retirement age. It is established that the share of hospitalizations among elderly persons is less than 7% in total dental profile hospitalizations of the adult population.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):167-169
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Formation problems of a students’ healthy lifestyle as the example in medical college in Balakovo

Baklykova A.V.


The contemporary problems of students’ healthy lifestyle, formation of the healthy lifestyle as the main health constitutive factor are studied in medical college. Subjective factors of formation of health and a healthy lifestyle are considered: a diet, presence or absence of bad habits, activity of students on health maintenance. There is need to elaborate a complex of measures on protection and strengthening of health of students and social status of medical college students.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):170-174
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The project “maternity certificate” as preventive way in motherhood and childhood

Emeljyanova O.S.


The results of the implementation of the “maternity certificate” in the Volgograd region: the contribution of the project to strengthen service delivery and childhood in 2006 to 2011 is estimated.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):175-179
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Modern forms of organization of the examination of temporary disability in a multidisciplinary treatment facility

Nikolskaya O.G.


The article deals with the modern forms of organization of the examination of temporary disability in a multidisciplinary treatment facility. These forms help to influence on the level of morbidity with temporary disability, having a large social significance.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):180-183
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Specifics of patients’ applications of maternity hospitals (after health care department documents of Nizhny Novgorod)

Phillipov A.Y.


The article analyzes the applications of citizens in the health department of Nizhny Novgorod. Obstetric and general medical care complaints were studied. Based on documents the conclusions about the structure of complaints were drawn. Such parameters as primary and secondary reason for the application, gender of the patients, social status of citizens, and the profile of medical care were analyzed. The results of the study showed that the complaints of the population of Nizhny Novgorod on obstetric care had a number of features compared to similar treatment of Nizhny Novgorod, were not satisfied with the general medical health facilities network.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):184-187
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Use improvement of narcotic drugs and psychotropic medicines in rendering of medical aid

Shirolapova A.Y., Gladunova E.P.


The regulatory documents defining requirements for the management of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for medical organizations are analyzed. The structure of health care organizations involved in the trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and the sales of narcotic drugs are studied. Major violations of health-care organizations are identified. A computer program «Unified control service treatment and the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances» is worked out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):188-192
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Modern aspects of radiation-hygienic monitoring organization during the work with ionizing radiation sources in the oil and gas companies

Gorbachev D.O.


Within the organization of radiation-hygienic monitoring a comprehensive evaluation of the radiological situation in the oil and gas companies, taking into account the impact on staff of ionizing radiation sources is carried out. The most irradiated staff contingents, most dangerous manipulation substantiated system of preventive measures aimed at reducing the radiation risks are identified.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):193-196
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Modern and historic features of medical workers diseases

Dudintseva N.V.


This article examines the history of occupational disease of medical workers in different regions. The results of a sociological survey of medical personnel are shown.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):197-201
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New methods of treatment of experimental acute renal failure

Zaytseva E.N.


The search of new methods of treatment of acute renal failure is an important task of pharmacology. Diuretics are one of the main groups of nefroprotectors. The studies have proved that the natural diuretics, gravitational influence and sharing in varying degrees reinforce the excretory function of the kidneys. The use of magnesium humate, gravitational factors and their combinations contribute to more rapid recovery of animals with acute renal failure, normalization of parameters are excretory functions of the kidneys.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):202-206
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The marketing analysis of pharmaceutical drug market in the form of suppositories in Russia

Markova I.I., Gladunova E.P.


The marketing analysis of pharmaceutical drug market in the form of suppositories for completeness assortment, pharmacological groups, including the list of vital and essential medications and pre minimum range, the composition, the producers is carried out. Target segment of drugs in the form of suppositories is pointed out.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):207-214
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Evaluating of ischemic and diabetic cardiomyopathy remodelling

Suvorov A.E.


Morphological comparison study of autopsy hearts has been performed in 69,4 middle aged patients died with ischemic cardiomyopathy (37 patients), diabetic cardiomyopathy (35 patients). Heart separate weight, morphometric study and creation of 3D-model are used. It is established that in case of ischemic cardiomyopathy remodelling of left ventricular performed prominently in dilatation way, the connecting tissue increases. In case of diabetic cardiomyopathy remodelling of left ventricular is performed prominently in hypertrophic way. Obtained data can become the base to insure the role of cardiomyopathy in death genesis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):215-217
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Health risk caused by in the drinking water from underground sources

Suchkov V.V.


An assessment of the risk of non-cancer effects in the population of Novokuybyshevsk caused by chemicals in the drinking water. The total hazard index (THI) is 1.1 for children, for adults it is 0.24. Most of all nitrates and fluorides contribute to its formation. The obtained results are the basis for the development of measures to reduce their negative affect on the population of Novokuybyshevsk.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):218-220
pages 218-220 views

Concentration dynamics of amino acids in children peripheric blood in ontogenesis

Timopheeva E.A.


Blood samples taken from 539 children aged from 4 days to 17 years of life and divided into five groups according to the age are analyzed. The concentration of 11 amino acids is determined. The concentration of most of the studied amino acids is reduced from 10 days of age up to 1 year. The reduced level relatively to the neonatal period remains in all other age groups concerning amino acids such as glycine, leucine, proline and tyrosine. The concentration of arginine and citrulline, on the contrary, in all stages of ontogenetic development is higher than in the newborn period.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):221-223
pages 221-223 views


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Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):224-228
pages 224-228 views


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Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2013;13(5-6):229
pages 229 views

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