Vol 11, No 1-2 (2011)


The risk factors characteristic of cardiovascular diseases in stress profession workers with an arterial hypertension

Gaberman O.E.


In this article we cite the data which demonstrates the high incidence of risk factors at workers of locomotive brigades with arterial hypertension. 222 men have been included into the research, workers of railway transportation with arterial hypertension. All the men have been divided into two groups according to their profession. The first group consisted of 119 workers of locomotive brigades (engine drivers and their assistants). 103 workers of a railway transportation of other specialties have been included in II group. The received results specify in necessity of carrying out of primary preventive maintenance arterial hypertension among workers of locomotive brigades.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):8-11
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Metabolic therapy of support in complex treatment of a chronic hepatitis C

Golik O.O.


The article represents the results of the different treatment schemes of patients with chronic virus hepatitis C and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) with dyslipidemia. The benefit of additional metabolic therapy (ademetionine, fishant S, enterosanum, essliver forte, fructus silybi mariani) in combination with standard treatment by interferon alpha (produced in Russian Federation) plus ribavirin was shown. This benefit includes decreasing of the grade of liver steatosis according to sonographic assessment and improvement of lipid metabolism: 15% decreasing of triglicerid level and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, 20-30% decreasing of apolipoprotein B, 15-30% increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations and 25% increasing of apolipoprotein A in plasma. The hypolipidemic effect of the metabolic therapy began not earlier then in 6 months after the start of the treatment and achieved maximum in a year. The positive dynamics of clinical features - disappearing or significant decreasing of asthenovegetative and dyspepsic syndromes, reducing of liver dimension was shown in all groups independently of metabolic therapy.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):12-17
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The biological state of the cardiovascular system in radiation induced persons of accident at the Chernobol nuclear power station during the follow-up period after an irradiation

Ivanova L.P.


The state of the cardiovascular system in 98 radiation induced persons of accident at the Chernobolskaya nuclear power station (the men with an average age of 42) during the follow-up period after an irradiation was studied. The mathematical model of the determination of the biological age of cardiovascular system was developed by us with the help of the method of the regressive analysis of function indicators of the organs of blood circulation in non-induced irradiation persons (the patients ranging in age from 35 to 60). It is established that in the irradiated persons the marked atherosclerotic changes of vessels (38 %), the increased level of cholesterol in blood plasma (6,1 mmol/l) are revealed more often in comparison with the control group accordingly (7,3 %, 5.0 mmol/l). In persons of the basic group the arterial hypertension (28,6 %), diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle (30,6 %) and ischemic decrease of the segment ST at physical exertion (12,2 %) were more often stated than the results in the control group accordingly they were 17,1 %, 19,5 % and 7,3 %. The determination of the biological age of the radiation induced persons has shown that it was above the level than an expectable biological age on the average for 3,1 years. The obtained results of the determination of the biological age allow assuming that the influence of small doses of radiation on a human body leads in the follow-up period to untimeliness of cardiovascular system.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):18-21
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Diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy in children of early age

Kalinin V.A.


Paroksizmalnye conditions at children are rather extended. 174 children with epilepsy are analysed. At early children's age prevail generalized epilepsy forms over partial. The Determinative of development and epilepsy current at early children's age is morfo-functional immaturity of a brain. Use of function of desirability in epilepsy diagnostics will allow to optimize the forecast.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):22-26
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The correlation between the prostacyclin level and indicators of central and peripheral hemodynamics in the elderly patients with ischemic heart disease and arterial hypertension

Lysenko A.I.


The article reviews the results of determining the level of prostacyclin in plasma lipid metabolism and remodeling of the cardiovascular system in the elderly with ischemic heart disease and arterial hypertension. The close correlation between the level of prostacyclin and lipid metabolism, central hemodynamics, vascular wall stiffness, microcirculation.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):27-33
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The forecast way of chronic course of cardiac insufficiency in elderly patients with ischemic heart disease

Nikolaeva A.V.


The proposed test with the isometric muscle tension (carpal press) to determine the functionality of the cardiovascular system in elderly and senile patients with chronic heart failure of ischemic genesis. Analysis of echocardiography performed on the background of the sample with an isometric stress, makes it possible to determine the affiliation of patients at risk with rapidly progressive the disease.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):34-36
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An evaluation of the influence of angionensinogen gene M235T polymorphism on the development of essential arterial hypertension with the workers of locomotive teams

Obydennikova O.N.


In the article there's a comparative estimation of the influence of angionensinogen gene polymorphism on the development of essential arterial hypertension with the workers of locomotive teams. The main external factors of essential arterial hypertension are closely connected with the psychoemotional stress, and within the engine-drivers and engine-drivers mates, who has the high stress level profession, essential arterial hypertension is a professional disease. In our investigation we included 105 workers of locomotive teams with essential arterial hypertension who were treated at the Arterial hypertension center of Samara railway station hospital based on the Russian railways. The material of investigation was the blood serum of the patients and genomic desoxyrhybonuclear acid. Resulting our investigation it was established that M235T polymorphism is associated with essential arterial hypertension of the workers of locomotive teams. Genetic marker that was revealed serves as criteria of essential hypertension diagnostics and helps purposefully to select the patients that need the primary prevention.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):37-39
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Willebrandt factor and the state of circadian hemodynamics in patients with arterial hypertension

Rezyapova N.K.


Some authors insist that the arterial hypertension is a world problem. Nowadays there are active procedures to prevent it is appearing, lowering risk factors and the earliest revealing of higa blood pressure. In our work we investi gated the inbluence of level of Willebrandt factor of the blood pressure 24 - hours monitoring characteristics. The group included almost healthy people. It was revealed the high correlation of Willebrandt factor level and 24 - hours monitoring of blood pressure parameters within the patients with essential hypertension.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):40-44
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Ischemic stroke risk stratification in patients with permanent form of atrial fibrillation

Rubanenko A.O.


The work is devoted to the investigation of the role of hemodynamic and coagulation indicators in ischemic stroke risk stratification in patients with permanent form of atrial fibrillation. The study included 60 CHD patients with permanent form of atrial fibrillation. All patients were divided into two groups: the 1 group consisted of 30 patients of average risk of ischemic stroke, the 2 group consisted of 30 patients of high risk of ischemic stroke. The study found that indicators that are associated with risk of ischemic stroke was the level of left atrial appendage flow velocity (LAAFV), left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), SEC as well as the level of SFMC and fibrinogen. During the univariate analysis with the risk of ischemic stroke was associated the level of LAAFV (OR - 0,92), LVEF (OR - 0,9), SEC (OR - 2,5), fibrinogen (OR - 4,0) and SFMC (OR - 1,27), but during multivariate regression analysis of their significance in predicting risk of ischemic stroke retained only the level of LAAFV (OR - 0,92) and fibrinogen (OR - 4,0).
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):45-49
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The peculiarities of clinical manifestations of extrahospital pneumonia in patients with HIV infection

Sabitova R.Y.


The purpose of the work was to identify the features of clinical manifestations of out-of-hospital pneumonia in patients with HIV infection. As a result, it became evident that most patients were injecting drug users, seeking medical assistance late (an average of 14,3 days). The main clinical manifestations were productive cough with haemoptysis, high fever, and chest pain.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):50-52
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Ecologic aspects of urinary bladder cancer

Sirotko M.L., Nizamova R.S.


The retrospective epidemiologic investigation that had been conducted in the Region with highly developed aniline coating industry (Tambovskiy Region) permitted to identify a series of ecologic effects promoting urinary bladder cancer. There was revealed a certain relation between living in the vicinity of industrial facilities (aniline coating plants, textile factories and tanneries, highways with intensive traffic, service stations, oil refining and bulk plants, coal mines and storages) and the initiation of sickness. Long living in the vicinity of these industrial facilities (distance - not less than 500 meters and duration - more than 10 years) increased the risk of urinary bladder cancer to a high degree.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):53-55
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Diagnostic value of computer morphometry of neutrophiles of peripheral blood in different age patients with pneumonia

Fedorova O.I.


The aim of the research was to study blood responses to pneumonia in patients of different age and sex. The subjects of the study were 116 patients with extrahospital bacterial pneumonia (80 men and 36 women). The patients were divided into three age groups: 18 to 44 years, 45 to 59 years, and 60 to 74 years. Almost healthy 16 men and almost healthy 14 women have made the control groups. Computer morphometry of neutrophiles of peripheral blood was made to all patients. The trend to reduction of the sizes of neutrophiles speaks of the accelerated division of predecessors' of mature neutrophiles. The increase in cytoplasm to nucleus ratio index of neutrophiles in women with pneumonia of young and middle age comparing with the control group specifies to the big degree of activation of neutrophiles link in these groups.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):56-59
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Forecasting of newborns health: a factor analysis

Abramova O.A., Tsurkan S.V.


For the purpose of studying causal factors of the newborn's health level formation the analysis of a current pregnancy at 1675 women and a condition of their newborn children is carried out. 115 parameters on three groups of factors - medical and biologic, socially-hygienic and medical-organizational are studied. By results of the analysis of "factorial weight» (a share of the explained variation of own values) studied risk factors of a birth of the sick child in the received model the greatest weight variables - presence of anomalies of development in a fetus, a fetus hypoxemia, pregnancy complication preeclampsya have, presence more than 2 abortions in the anamnesis at the future mother, and also absence preconception preparations.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):60-65
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The efficiency increase of antirelapse measures in children with functional dyspepsia

Alexeeva A.V.


The reasonability of Melissa officinalis infusion usage in complex of antirelapse measures in children with functional dyspepsia is substantiated. The author's scheme of prophylaxis includes intake of Melissa officinalis infusion in a form of four three-week courses per year, along with traditional complex of measures. Usage of author's scheme leads to increasing of probability of relapses and complications of functional dyspepsia.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):66-69
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A forecast value of peripheral gemodynamics of pregnant women with different level of physical working capacity

Barchenko A.E.


In this investigation has been considered information of research peripheral gemodynamics. The level of physical capacity has an effect to adaptation process microcirculation and peripheral gemodynamics for pregnant women and determine different information value the result of reographic examination.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):70-74
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A complex evaluation of a functional condition of kidneys in children with chronic kidneys disease

Borisova O.V.


Decrease of the renal functions plays a considerable role in pathogenesis of chronic kidneys disease (CKD). Among set of diagnostic technologies we were interested by a complex estimation of a functional condition of kidneys (FCK) at children with CKD. 424 children with chronic diseases of kidneys are surveyed: 135 children with glomerulonephritis (GN), 122 patients with a pyelonephritis (PN) and 167 patients with tubulointerstitial nephritis (TIN). Indicators of functional condition of the kidney at children are estimated in 1 year, 3 and 5 years after the acute period. Mathematical modeling of a condition of nephritic functions is spent by a method of the system multiple-factor analysis (SМА). At the patients with GN the infringement of renal functions occurred mainly at the expense of glomerular component (decrease in speed of a glomerular filtration). At the patients with PN and TIN the infringement of renal functions occurred at the expense tubular component (decrease of the concentration ability, parameters of acido-and ammoniogenesis, β2-microglobulines, increase diurnal proteinuria). The estimation of nephroscintigrams has confirmed the obtained data. SMA has shown the infringement of the kidney functional condition, the calculated weight factors and integrated indicators reflected glomerular and tubular disfunction at CKD.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):75-81
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Efficiency of treatment of the children with polyarticulary variant juvenile idiopathic arthritis treated by infliximab in combination with methotrexate in comparison with the results of the methotrexate therapy

Grebenkina L.I., Pyrkova S.A.


In article results of research of efficiency treatment infliximab+methotrexate 28 patients are submitted in comparison with results of therapy methotrexate in therapy 41 patients in the age of from 8 till 17 years with polyarticulary variant juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Duration of supervision has made 1 year. Infliximab it was entered intravenously under the following circuit: infusii on 0-th, 2-nd, 6-th нед and further - in each 8 weeks. The doze infliximab at patients juvenile idiopathic arthritis has made 3,0 mg / kg, weights of a body on one introduction. In 46 weeks treatment infliximab+methotrexate has provided development of clinical remission, decrease and normalization of laboratory parameters of activity of the disease, full restoration of function in joints, improvement of quality of life at 81,2 % of patients and at 16 % - at treatment only methotrexate .
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):82-87
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Preterm labors: some peculiarities of anamnesis and pahtohistology of afterbirths

Kiyashko I.S.


For the purpose of the optimization of the approach of pregnant women management with preterm labors we carried out a retrospective and prospective analysis of 103 cases of preterm labors. It is revealed, that the frequency of the probable manifestation of infectious pathology is high, both in women after preterm labors and in newborns. Also, as a result of the examination it is noted the high frequency of the infectious caused genital and extragenital pathology in women with preterm labors, it requires the continuation of examinations in the direction of early detection and the adequate correction of inflammatory diseases, the prediction and prophylaxis of the possible infectious complications of preterm labors.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):88-91
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The way of the site suturing of myoma node as the method of postoperative complications prophylactic

Klimanov A.Y.


In article questions surgical treatment of a myoma of a uterus at women of reproductive age with use laparoscopic access are considered. The new technique of repair uterus allowing is offered to lower frequency of occurrence of intermuscular hematomas in a uterus wall in the postoperative period. The comparative estimation of an offered technique with traditional laparoscopic repair uterus is spent. The given research the myoma box in preventive maintenance of occurrence of intermuscular hematomas has shown importance of technics of repair. Careful repair of a wall of a uterus during operation also allows to improve reproductive results at women of reproductive age.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):92-95
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An evaluation of the extragenital pathology influence on the level of the necessity of giving hospital attention while pregnancy

Kurnosikov M.S.


In the research the problems of planning of the hospital help volumes are considered at pregnancy complicated by extragenital pathology on the materials of antenatal supervision of the pregnant women living in the city of Surgut. The conditions which increase requirement of frequency of hospitalization are defined and raise duration of stay in hospitals.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):96-100
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Clinical prognosis criteria of the expert estimation of the health state of pregnant women

Lazareva N.V.


Prognostic indexes of health of pregnant women and newborn children are developed, check of possibility of use of indexes for forecasting of a state of health of pregnant women and newborns at 850 women, with high risk of development of complications of pregnancy is spent. Acknowledgement of efficiency offered by us of indexes, being based on data acquisition проспективного researches, we have carried out calculation of indicators of its sensitivity, specificity, the positive and negative prognostic importance. As a result of the conducted research it has been established that by prognostic criteria it is carried out authentic significant indexes of a condition of the pregnant woman and the newborn.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):101-104
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The influence of gravitational therapy on the clinical and functional state of the women with a climacteric syndrome

Pikalova M.V., Verevkina O.M.


In article the analysis of influence of complex treatment, with application of gravitational therapy, for women with a climacteric syndrome of easy and average degree of the typical form, on a condition of a vegetative tone and cerebral haemodynamics is carried out. For its estimation comparative research of two groups of patients is executed. It is shown, that gravitational therapy reduces expressiveness of a climacteric syndrome that proves to be true positive dynamics of subjective signs and objective parametres of vegetative functions.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):105-108
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Clinical and pathogenetic variations of perinatal HIV-infection

Poznyakova E.A.


The article is about clinical and pathogenetic variations of perinatal HIV-infection which is based on the mathematical multiple-factor modeling of infectious active conditions. Although, well-known fast and slow process, we separated in addition the delayed fast process as an intermediate clinical and pathogenetic variation.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):109-112
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The dynamic evaluation of clinical symptoms and ultrasound signs in patients with uterine fibroids undergone the antiprogestogens therapy

Pugacheva T.A.


A study involving 20 women with uterine fibroids. Women age 45 years. 10 women receiving progestogen (mifepristone) for 3 months at a dosage of 50ml with 2 days of the menstrual cycle. All women were examined at baseline and after 3 months. The effective use of mifepristone.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):113-115
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The peculiarities of a pregnancy course and labors in women with myasthenia

Romanova T.V.


In work features of a current of pregnancy and sorts at 39 women with a myasthenia, being under supervision in Samara regional myasthenic center are analyzed. There are 353 patients with myasthenia observes in the center, including 130 women of genital age. Presence of a myasthenia at the young woman and the necessity of immunosuppressive therapy and thymectomy connected with it leave traces on a current of pregnancy and sorts, influence health of the child. Preparation of an organism of the woman for the pregnancy, the thought over conducting pregnancy and sorts can reduce risk of a failure both for mother, and for the child.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):116-120
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Clinical, immunological and microbiological peculiarities of abdominal surgical pathology during purulent inflammation diseases of the uterine appendages

Salem A.I.


Studied clinical-anamnestic and microbiological features of the disease in 250 women suffering from destructive forms of inflammatory diseases of the uterus. Results of the study revealed that 20,1% of cases of purulent inflammation of the uterus takes place against the backdrop of abdominal surgical pathology, the most common pathogens which are the representatives of Staphylococcus ssp. and E. Coli. Calculation of indices of the immunological resistance of the organism on indicators leuco-formula is quite informative and promising method for assessing the course of the disease in women studied by the group.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):121-124
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Clinical and immunological types of course of chronic salpingoophoritis

Stepanova Y.V.


In the article the problem of clinical and immunological characteristic of chronic salpingo-oophoritis is observed. 21 patients with chronic salpingo-oophoritis were investigated. The patients from the 1 group (n=11) had slight form of salpingo-oophoritis. The patients from the 2 group (n=10) had hard form of salpingo-oophoritis. Clinical and immunological parameters were determined. The patients with different clinical characteristic had different immunological parameters. To improve the results of treatment of chronic salpingo-oophoritis it is necessary to take into account immunological characteristic.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):125-129
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The complex treatment of placentary insufficiency including angioprotection (diosmin)

Tezikov Y.V.


Clinical approbation of application for treatment of placentary insufficiency angioprotection Phlebodia 600 (diosmin) is spent. 122 pregnant women have been included in research with placentary insufficiency, from them 62 pregnant women in addition to basic therapy received Phlebodia 600 on 2 tablets a day (1200 mg diosmin) within a month. The control of productivity of treatment carried out clinical, ultrasonic, immunological, biochemical, morphological methods of research. At application diosmin authentic improvement of a fruit-placentary blood-groove, normalisation of processes of the programmed cellular destruction, cellular proliferation, power supply and indemnifical reactions in a placenta that promotes a birth of children with the best morphofunctional characteristics is noticed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):130-134
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Puberty peculiarities of boys with bronchialectatic disease

Sharipova O.A.


Clinical signs of arrest of puberty development in boys with broncialectatic diseases are revealed. Level decrease of the basic hormones regulating sexual function of boys is noted. It is established that degree and frequency of arrest of puberty development in boys depends on duration of the disease and extensiveness of the affection.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):135-138
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Epidemiology of ankle fractures frequency in inhabitants over the age of 50 of the Samara region

Bulgakova S.V.


Research is devoted studying of ankle fractures frequency at inhabitants of the Samara region senior than 50 years in comparative aspect on various settlements of region and their groups that will allow to carry out redistribution of public health services forces and agents for effective prophylaxis.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):139-143
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The new approach to treatment of patients with proximal department of a shoulder

Grankin I.O.


In our work we have carried out the analysis of treatment of 150 patients with crises of proximal department of a humeral bone which have been divided into three clinical groups, depending on a way of medical intervention. Application of the new approach to treatment of such patients, a way of surgical treatment of the given patients including use, the tool for performance of the most responsible stage of operation and devices for carrying out of the regenerative period, has allowed to lower number of complications from 49,2 % to 18,4 % in the remote terms after the executed operation.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):144-147
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Intraperitoneal umbilical and postoperative ventral hernioplasty

Grigorjeva T.S., Kostin A.Y.


studied the results of treatment of 96 patients with abdominal wall hernias. The features of the structure of hernias. In the treatment of 42 patients used an open intraperitoneal prosthetic hernioplasty. Traced the immediate and long-term outcomes.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):146-150
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Structural characteristics of plastic bones of cartilage defects in the articular surface with the combined cellular-tissue grafts

Dolgushkin D.A.


In the pilot study assessed the structure and X-ray pictures of plastic bones and cartilage defects in the articular cartilage of the combined cellular-tissue grafts on allogeneic demineralized spongiosis "Lioplast» ® biograft, and autologous cell cultures of costal cartilage, immobilized on it.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):151-155
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Clinical and experimental grounds of the new percutaneous Achilles tendon suture

Kim Y.D.


Damage to the Achilles tendon are the most frequent injuries among major human tendons. The study was to conduct experimental work and determination of clinically significant signs of viability of the proposed new percutaneous Achilles tendon suture. Object of study is biomanekeny with simulated rupture of Achilles tendon, which otrabotanny and studied minimally invasive surgical methods of restoring the integrity of the latter.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):156-159
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The choice of surgical technology with associative pathology in geriatric patients

Krechko N.A.


10% patients at specialized geriatric surgical departments require elective simultaneous operations, 84% of them are the surgeries of light and middle degree. Mini-invasive technologies and differential approach to the anesthetic management choice permit to increase contingent of geriatric patients who can treated with elective simultaneous surgical procedures, that significantly improves life quality of these patients.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):160-162
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Dependence of lactate dehydrogenase activity on the method of urinary bladder cancer treatment

Nizamova R.S.


There was conducted the investigation of lactate dehydrogenase (LDG) activity in blood serum and urine of patients having nonmalignant and malignant tumors of urinary bladder after various treatment methods. The total activity of LDG was evaluated by kinetic method with the help of a special set of reagents. After polychemical therapy there was revealed the decrease of LDG activity in blood serum and urine both among men and women, but only after surgical methods there is no so distinct decrease of ferment activity. After complex treatment, as well as after combination of radiotherapy and surgical method the decrease of fermentative activity was revealed in urine.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):163-166
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The operation techniques in patients with relapsing abdominal hernia after combined method of hernioplasty

Pushkin S.Y., Klyuev K.E.


The analysis of treatment of 422 patients with abdominal hernia, which had been operated by combined method of hernioplasty, was carried out. Relapse of hernia was registered at 23 (5,4%) patients. The diagnostics of relapsing hernia based on clinical and ultrasound data and computed tomography. The features of relapsing hernia after combined method of hernioplasty were in sizes of hernial gates that doesn`t exceed 5-6 cm. The walls of hernial gates were presented by synthetic implant on ½ of their size and by aponeurosis and abdominal wall muscles - on ½ of their size. The peculiarity of clinical pattern at such patients was absence of complaints. Treatment of these patients is in operation with closing of defect with synthetic insertion.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):167-168
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The pathogenic basis of application of flail chest traction in patients with closed chest trauma

Ushakov N.G.


The article presents an analysis of the causes of deaths 402 patients with closed chest trauma complicated with flail chest. The evaluation of the nature of pathological changes in the zone of the rib fracture depending on the timing of traumatic illness and the methods of treatment. Given the pathogenic basis of early application of surgical skeletal traction for the treatment of multiple ribs fracture, clarified indications and its timing.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):169-172
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Peculiarities of intestinal stomas formation with curative intent (the problem state survey)

Fedorin A.I.


The analysis of domestic and foreign literature on the issue of intestinal stomas formation with curative intent in patients with complications of acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity (acute intestinal obstruction and peritonitis) has been carried out. Data on the causes, the incidence, prevalence, complications, pathophysiology, classification of these states has been presented. Principles of phasing in the treatment of patients are being justified. Modern methods and options for intestinal stoma formation are being passed in review, including their advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the formation of primary interintestinal anastomoses in conditions of peritonitis and acute intestinal obstruction. Attention is drawn to the lack of development of the issue of intestinal stoma closure time limits, which requires additional experimental and clinical studies.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):173-176
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Methodic and methodological aspects of standardization of the herb of Fagopyrum sagittatum Gilib

Anisimova M.M.


New approaches to standardization of raw material of the Fagopyrum sagittatum Gilib. were proposed. The developed original techniques of definition of parameters of quality of raw material which are recommended for inclusion in the normative documentation. The content of the total flavonoids in the herb of Fagopyrum sagittatum Gilib. cultivated in the Samara region, varies from 5,30 to 6,10 %.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):177-179
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The course of regenerative process of the striated muscle tissue of anal sphincter during the post operational period

Bovtunova S.S.


Surgical operations have been executed on white laboratory rats for research regenerative process of the striated muscle tissue of anal sphincter. During the early post operational period have applied a method of photodynamic therapy in experimental group. Current of regenerative process in control and experimental groups estimated by means of histological, morfometrical and electronic-microscopically methods. Research has shown that applied influence changes character of a current reparative processes in the striated muscle tissue of anal sphincter.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):180-182
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Immunogenic characteristics of pulmonary diseases

Brylyaeva E.V.


An immunoassay was conducted of 100 patients with occupational lung diseases, 100 patients with COPD, and 50 healthy persons. The results of the immunogenotypic analysis of the HLA-specificities of class II allowed us to distinguish in the Russian population of the Mid-Volga region the markers of diathesis and resistance to the development of occupational lung diseases and COPD. The diagnostic and prognostic value of the immunogenic characteristics for occupational lung diseases and COPD was stated.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):183-188
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The standardization of the raw material and preparation of Ginkgo biloba

Bulankin D.G.


The leaves of Ginkgo biloba L. are perspective raw materials for reception domestic effective nootropical preparations. From the leaves of ginkgo were isolated dominating flavonoids - ginkgetin, isoginkgetin, nicotiflorin, narcissin. New approaches to standardization of raw materials and preparations of the given plant, consisting in definition of diagnostic flavonoids by means of TLC method and differential spectrophotometry with use state standard sample of rutin were developed. As well as anatomy-morphological characteristic features of a structure of integral leaves ginkgo are studied.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):189-192
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The comparative estimation of form elements of venous and capillary blood

Mingacheva A.A.


My work of authentic differences in indicators of a venous and capillary blood practically healthy faces is continued. There were examined 572 healthy donors, 332 men, 240 women. Compared with venous blood there are content of leukocytes in men more at 15,5 %, among women by 13,2% content of platelet opposite, in a capillary blood more low at men on 16 %, among women by 14 %, than in the venous blood.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):193-194
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The experimental basis of the bischofite solution in the form of eye drops composed and aimed as a reparative process

Mitrofanova I.Y.


After a series of biopharmaceutical researches in vitro the optimal composition was selected. Having carried out complex technological and physicochemical researches, we developed technology and the process flow sheet of 10% bischofite solution in the form of eye drops that can be used as a stimulator of cornea reparation after operations and injuries.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):195-198
pages 195-198 views

Тhe dalargin influence on the exchange of sialоglycoproteins in the tissues of rats stomach with different resistance to stress in prolonged immobilization

Oksuzyan A.V.


Тhe influence of lei-encephalin synthetic analogue-dalargin on the exchange of sialоglycoproteins in the tissues of rats' stomach with different resistance to stress in prolonged immobilization has been studied in the research. Intensification of sialоglycoprotein decay has been more marked by the 45 day in both series. It was noted that dalargin reduces catabolic effect caused by prolonged immobilization stress particularly in the group of stress-resistant rats.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):199-201
pages 199-201 views

The fractional composition of officinal vegetable raw materials of some representatives of the family, Compositae

Osadchy D.S.


In the work it is carried out research fractional composition dried and packed officinal vegetable raw materials «Silybum marianum L.» , «Calendula officinalis L.», «Achillea millefolium L.» and «Taraxacum officinale Wigg.» in conditions heightened humidity. Findings surmise possibility reduction of proteins tertiary and quaternary structures and renewals catalytic functions of redox enzymes.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):202-203
pages 202-203 views

To the mechanism of the influence of phytopreparations of a Salix acuifolia on kidney glomerular system

Panin V.P.


Influence of phytopreparations of a Salix acuifolia on indicators of a diuresis, an egestion of electrolytes, a creatinine at intact rats is studied, are taped effects dependent on a dose. The extract of a cortex of a Salix acuifolia dry in a dose of 50 mg/kg renders at acute renal insufficiency weak nephrotective, diuretic and saluretic the action which is not accompanied by augmentation of deducing nitric oxide with urine. Allocated of vegetative raw materials of the Salix acuifolia phenolum Salicinum doesn't show nephrotective effect at toxic a nephropathy. Other biologically active bonds - prunin, cinarozid possess diuretic and saluretic effects.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):204-209
pages 204-209 views

The comparative chemical study and pharmacognosy investigation of the vegetable raw material and preparations of Capsicum annuum

Suleymanova L.R.


Six substances there were isolated and characterized by means of TLC, UV spectroscopy, NMR, mass spectroscopy and results of the various chemical transformations (acid and enzymatic hydrolisis). These substances on determination of capsaicinoides, derivative phthalic acid, flavonoids and to carotinoids.There are identified and isolated substances as capsaicin (alkaloids), dioktylphtalat and also cosmosiin, apigenin, rutin and ?-carotin. There were developed the methodological approaches to the standardization of the drugs and preparations of Capsicum annuum L., which are consisted on the determination of capsaicinoides by means of TLC, UV-spectroscopy, chromatospectrophotometry and of the using of state standard sample of capsaicin. The anatomic-morphological investigations of the fructus of Capsicum annuum was carried out. There were observed the diagnostic characteristics of the Capsicum annuum fruits, which there were recommended for the including in the section "Microscopy" of the pharmacopoeial monograph, which regulates quality this drugs.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):210-212
pages 210-212 views

Usage difficulties of the leading endobronchitis classification

Shteiner M.L.


The Lemoine's categorisation is the leading endobronchitis classification in Russia at the moment. It requires a 3-degrees of inflammation intensity and synchronous increase of the bronchial secretion amount, the deterioration of its quality, increase of edema and hyperemia of the mucosa. According to analysis of visual endoscopic picture of 2000 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease several shortcomings of existing classification were identified. The concept of "atrophic" endobronchitis is not provided; hemorrhagic component of endobronchial inflammation is not described; secretion location in the tracheobronchial tree is not considered; various forms of mucopurulent secretion are not distinguished; and often there is no synchrony in the increase of edema and hyperemia of the mucous membrane with deteriorating of secretion quality and the increase of its quantity.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):213-215
pages 213-215 views

Diagnostics of maxillotemporal joint disfunction while dental implantation using axiograph «ARCUS digma»

Golovina E.S.


Prevalence of maxillotemporal joint disfunction by data of Hvatova V.A. (1993) is from 27% till 76% of all patients. This patients have complaints to maxillotemporal joint function infringements: by data of A.S.Kalivradgian, N.G. Kartavceva (2006) from 72% till 95%. Defective diagnostics can result to complication after dental implantation and orthopedic treatment. It is surveyed 56 patients with maxillotemporal joint disfunction. On the basis of the anamnesis data, complaints of the patients, kliniko-tool survey and radiodiagnosis the basics symptoms of the specified desease are established. However, such differential symptom as displacement trajectory of articulate head and disc at various movements of the lower jaw can not be carried out these methods. Axiograph «ARCUS digma» was applied with that purpose. He has allowed to receive noninvasively this information. Besids that, appears possibility to transfer received data in articulators system and documenting registered indicators.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):216-219
pages 216-219 views

The neurotrophic therapy of partial optic nerve atrophy in patients with multiple sclerosis

Ionkina I.V.


Among the pathologies of the optic nerve optical neuritis occur in 30-40% of cases. Most researchers believe that 80% of patients it can be the first and sometimes the only manifestation of MS, while 13% of cases, it arises on the background of general clinics multiple sclerosis. Currently, multiple sclerosis is considered not only as a demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, but also as a neurodegenerative disease. The use of drugs with neurotrophic, antioxidant effect, which penetrate through the blood-brain border is an important component of the pathogenetic therapy of various lesions of the central nervous system, including multiple sclerosis. Unlike most diseases, patients with multiple sclerosis may be identified in the initial stages of the disease, which contributes to early onset and reduce the neurodegenerative processes that lead to progression of disease and disability patient.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):220-223
pages 220-223 views

The estimation of the status of local immunity oral periodontitis patients with dental implants

Melenberg T.V.


Work is devoted to assessing the status of local immunity oral periodontitis patients with dental implants. Studied 4 groups of patients. In the first group - 19 people, found 37 dental implants with the use of allogeneic freeze-dried cancellous bone without the inclusion of FRP. In the second group - 11 people, found 34 of the implant, implant using a mixture of the author. Patients of the third group - 29 people, in the treatment of periodontitis used conservative methods, installed 42 of the implant without osteoplastic correction. Total in the observation group included 59 patients with periodontitis, which is set 113 implants (Radix, Konmet, Semados). In the control group - 9 people - an intact periodontium, installed 20 implants. Established that periodontal disease is not a contraindication for dental implants, and methods developed by the author greatly expand the indications for dental implants in periodontitis and enhance local immunity mouth. The data is processed using software package SPSS 11.5 and Statistica 6.0.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):224-226
pages 224-226 views

Risk factors of the development of associative oral and vaginal candidiasis in pregnant women

Pinkina A.S.


180 pregnant women with vaginal candidiasis were researched. 90 of these women had both oral and vaginal candidiasis and the other 90 women had only vaginal candidiasis. The anamnestic data of reproductive function, somatic and gynecologic diseases were investigated. As were drug use before present pregnancy, kinds of meals eaten and personal hygiene. The stomatological status was researched. Comparisons were also made between the microbiological data of oral and vaginal discharges.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):227-234
pages 227-234 views

The clinical and functional estimation of the application of an advanced method of orthopedic treatment of patients with removable overlapping dentures

Popov N.V.


A research objective was the substantiation of application of an advanced method of orthopedic treatment of patients with the remained teeth and fangs. By the author it has been spent global электромиографическое research of functional changes of temporal and actually chewing muscles at 56 patients in the course of adaptation and using removable overlapping dentures. From the analysis of the received results электромиографического inspections of patients follows that full adaptation to removable overlapping dentures comes earlier at the patients, received orthopedic treatment by an advanced technique.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):235-241
pages 235-241 views

Chromovitrectomy in the surgical treatment of macular diseases

Stebnev V.S.


In the article features and results of the surgical treatment of macular dezices such as epimacular fibroses, idiopathic macular hole with application of modern microinvasive 23Gauge chromovitrectomy and endovitreal dyes «Brilliant Blue G» и «TRYPAN BLUE» are studied. Microinvasive 23Gauge chromovitrectomy with application of endovitreal dyes «Brilliant Blue G» и «TRYPAN BLUE» allows to achieve high anatomic and functional results in treatment of macular dezices in the early and remote period of supervision. Intraoperative and postoperative complications are studied with anatomic and functional results.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):242-245
pages 242-245 views

Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis as a supposed snore factor

Stepanov E.N.


In the article the problem of therapy of snore and chronic hypertrophic rhinitis is observed. 42 patients with snore were investigated. The patients from the 1 group (n=20) were treated by medicine for snore leaving out of account the chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. The patients from the 2 group (n=22) were treated by medicine for snore and chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. The results of treatment of the patients from the 2 group were better than of the patients from the 1 group. To improve the results treatment of snore it is necessary to take into account attendant diseases.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):246-249
pages 246-249 views

Revealing of sensoneural and vestibular disorders in patients with magistral neck vessel pathology

Strunina E.Y.


Diagnostics of sensoneural and vestibular disorders in patients with magistral neck vessel pathology Summary: One hundred persons with magistral neck pathology were exam by special questionnaire. People, who noted some sensoneural and vestibular disorders, were direct to otolaryngologist. Hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction was established by 60% patients: 16 persons with sensoneural hearing loss, 9 persons with cochleo-vestibular dysfunction, 35 persons with vestibular dysfunction. Revealing of sensoneural and vestibular disorders in patients with magistral neck vessel pathology can realize with special questionnaire.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):250-252
pages 250-252 views

The possibility of using optical coherent tomography of optical disc parameters and the peripapillary layer of retinal nerve fibers for the purposes of monitoring of primary open angle glaucoma patients

Shakhalova A.P.


This paper considers the possibility to use a new technique - optical coherent tomography for investigation of optical disc parameters and the thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer for the purposes of monitoring of primary open angle glaucoma patients.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):253-254
pages 253-254 views


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Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(1-2):255-258
pages 255-258 views

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