Vol 11, No 3-4 (2011)


Spirituality as theontologic basis of the validityof life of the person ..

GAZGIREEVA L.K., Gazgireeva L.K.


In the given article the author considers a problem actively discussed recently of spirituality as ontologic component of the validity of the person. The spirituality problem in crisis conditions of society always is urgent and has got new informative horizons. Spirituality was to the person the guarantor of preservation of a human race on the Earth.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):6-10
pages 6-10 views

Epistemological natureof a historical source

Gerasimov O.V., Gerasimov O.V.


Invariably, the actual problem of philosophy of history is that of a historical source, its ontological foundations and epistemological status. Historical source does not exist as an absolute reality; traces of the past, as in the material world and in mans spiritual life by themselves are silent. Historical source arises as a result of the synthesis of traces of the past and the historical thinking. In the end, it matters which confronts the historian remnants of the past, their learning, and determine the epistemological potential historical source. Historical sources as the basis for obtaining knowledge is practically inexhaustible, because the growth of knowledge allows you to use more fully the known historical sources, forming the basis of their new knowledge.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):11-14
pages 11-14 views

Linearity synthesis:human being - world - time

Dorokhina R.V., Dorokhina R.V.


This article is devoted to the influence of the different vectors (internationality, objectindication, linearity) on the language formation. The authors review outline of this formation by the examples of semiotic conceptions by S. K. Ogdan, I. A. Richards and G. Frage.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):15-17
pages 15-17 views

The way of warrior asa basis of ethical viewsof Carlos Castaneda

Ezhova O.A., Yezhova O.A.


This article analyzes the ethic views of the twentieth century American philosopher and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, the views that found expression in his concept of «the way of warrior». Particular attention is paid to Castanedas understanding of freedom and meaning of human existence, related with the possibility of saving an individual human consciousness after death. The analysis is carried out of the similarities and differences between ethical concept of Castaneda with Christian teachings and Buddhism.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):18-23
pages 18-23 views

Featuresof generation of sensesof a virtual reality .

Elkhova O.I., Yelkhova O.I.


The process of formation of senses of virtual reality is examined in the article. The author characterizes virtual reality as nonlinear dynamic system and proves that for the effective flowing of process of generation of senses co-ordination of streams of inflow and dispersion of information is needed in virtual reality.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):24-27
pages 24-27 views

The sociallyphilosophicalbasesof state-confessional relationsin Post-Soviet Russia

Karpova T.V., Karpova T.V.


This article analyses basic social-philosophical approaches to investigation of stateconfession relationship in Russia.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):28-31
pages 28-31 views

Genesisof cognitive approachesto mental spherein Early Academy .

Minaev D.N., Minaev D.N.


This research is considered the development of the methodological bases, occurring within the limits of the Philosophical Academy based by Platoon and whose cognitive approach and the conceptual base of his outlook were inherited by them. The basic accent of the given research is made on illumination of features of speculative knowledge of mental sphere by early academicians of the nature of soul expressed in their research. Feature of the given work is the consideration of the academic tradition in its conceptual unity with works of the founder as philosophy of peripatetic.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):32-36
pages 32-36 views

Ontological aspectof the convention in arts andspatial-temporal formsof representabilityin works of arts

Orlov I.V., Orlov I.V.


The paper deals with one of aesthetics basic notions, i.e. the convention in arts. The convention in arts means a nonequivalence of an image of arts and a substratum of itself. The author turns to the art image and spatial-temporal forms of its representability. It is the main problem of this paper - whether any links between forms of art image representability and ontological foundations of classification of arts exist? For this task the author analyzes the paper «Laocoon: or, The Limits of Poetry and Painting» by G.E.Lessing. The investigation resulted in the following thesis. Arts bent for either spatial or temporal forms of representability in works of arts; due to it arts are divided into three classes: extensive arts, intensive arts and synthetic arts.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):37-41
pages 37-41 views

The premiseof the ontology of a fragmentat the fabular level

Pozdnyakova A.V., Pozdnyakova A.V.


This article takes up the premise of the ontology of a fragment at the fabular level considering the conception of German Romanticism. It reveals the opposition of ideal and real and that was the ontological model where such kind of an opposition was touched upon for the first time. In this article the objectivation of the concept fragment» as a special genre of philosophizing is also given.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):42-46
pages 42-46 views

The role of ideals in everyday life

Polyakova I.P., Chernikova E.N., Polyakova I.P., Chernikova E.N.


The article describes the multidimensional problem of the phenomenon of everyday life. The influence of the ideals and spiritual spheres of life personality on peoples everyday lives is analyzed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):47-50
pages 47-50 views

Primacy of lifeor consciousness in sources of originsand development of a phenomenonof a counterculture

Seysyani V.T., Sejsyany V.T.


This article examines the emergence, forms and features of various youth subcultures. On the basis of philosophical analysis the causes of youth movements are revealed, the nature and specifics of exposure are determined.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):51-53
pages 51-53 views

The newestphilosophico-historical conceptsof war (the end of the XXth -the beginning of the XXIst centuries) .

Stepanov I.V., Stepanov I.V.


This article is devoted to consideration of a problem of wars in the newest philosophicohistorical concepts generated to the beginning of XXI century. The attempt to analyse the basic philosophical aspects of sights of Michael Trebina and Robernta Green, concerning confrontations during a postindustrial epoch is made.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):54-57
pages 54-57 views

Philosophical basesof the glamour value

Stepanova O.S., Stepanova O.S.


In the article the glamour from the point of view of its symbolical value is considered. Symbolical character of consumption and its influence on the subject of glamour and a society as a whole are dwelt on. An actual problem is self-identification of the person in a situation of a postmodern which has developed in a context of social designing of the space increasing mobility and time compression - spaces became their essence.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):58-61
pages 58-61 views

About theoretical andmethodical approaches to the analysisof a modern competition

Stozhko D.K., Stozhko D.K.


In the article the critical analysis of the theory of contemporary competition is given. Special attention is inverted to the relationship of competitory strategy and tactics under the conditions of the increasing instability and uncertainty in the development of global world economy. Thesis about the need of developing the adaptive mechanism in the formation of the competitive advantages of enterprises taking into account of contemporary risks and crisis processes in the national economy is formulated.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):62-65
pages 62-65 views

The communicative characterof the truth (based on the worksby L. Wittgenstein and C.S. Peirse)

Ukhov A.E., Ukhov A.E.


The article dwells on the meaning of the well known postulating unity of the truth and language based on the ideas of the two philosophers - L. Wittgenstein and C.S. Peirse. There is a coincidence of sign and object of interpretation by Peirce and syncretism of language games as the special forms of human activity by Wittgenstein prove the unity of correspondence and coherence approaches to the truth. It becomes obvious in the analysis of cognition what coherence principle takes as its base knowledge which had been used and proved as true by correspondence in the past.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):66-70
pages 66-70 views

A family as a sphereof the spiritual and moral formationof a person in the context ofphilosophical understanding

Chuprina A.A., Chuprina A.A.


The article focuses on the importance of philosophical understanding of the role and importance of the family in shaping the spiritual and moral world of the individual. Showing ontological aspects of the family as a necessary and important sphere of human existence and society. Highlights the contradictions of the spiritual development of personality in terms of modernity as a single, closely which takes place in different areas of human life and society.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):71-74
pages 71-74 views

Social responsibilityas a basis of developmentof system of the socialpartnership

Sharova E.N., Sharova E.N.


The subject of the article is individual and business social responsibility as the unity of definite obligations, taken by the economic agents to complement social security, as the company responsibility to protect the employees interests and customers by all legal means. As the consequence it represents genetic characteristic of social partnership system.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):75-77
pages 75-77 views

The belief and theprobability in identity structure

Shaforostov A.I., Shaforostov A.I.


Identification process as a choice of an order of being from the point of view of opening and acceptance on the basis of belief of sphere of the possible is considered. It is mentioned ontologic and information aspects of belief, the understanding of identification as way of orientation in the world on the basis of discovery due-not due is offered.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):78-80
pages 78-80 views

Philosophical aspectsof ontology of designing

Shustova D.V., Shustova D.V.


Philosophy formulates the limiting base of existence, its various forms. From this point of view philosophy concerns the applied science. In this paper, the relationship of philosophical and information ontology is dwelt on.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):81-85
pages 81-85 views

To a questionon guarantees of the rights of creditorsduring the reorganization of legalentities according to the civil legislationof the Russian Federation

Berezina Y.G., Berezina Y.G.


This article is concerned with the research of the burning issues and the issues of concern that arise in modern civil law science i.e. the problem of ensuring the rights protection of the creditors of legal entities undergoing reorganization. The author gives a critical analysis of those provisions of the RF applicable legislation, which regulate the social relations in this sphere; the author also draws his own conclusions and puts forward specific proposals related to the improvement of the RF civil legislation
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):86-90
pages 86-90 views

The problemof information-psychological safetyin modern world

Vatrushkin A.A., Vatrushkin A.A.


The problem of information-psychological influence on the person and a society is closely connected with a problem of a manipulation the person, people, society. The psychological aspect of a problem - information influence on mentality of people, definition of a version of information influence is especially important: misinformation, a manipulation, propagation, lobbying, crises and blackmail. Today at legislative level there are no guarantees of protection of the person from threats of negative information influence. All testifies to necessity of working out of the national legislation and the norms of international law directed on protection of mentality of the person from negative information-psychological influences.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):91-95
pages 91-95 views

The origins of theinstitute of representation in civillaw and its developm

Goncharov A.V., Goncharov A.V.


The origins of the institute of representation in civil law from ancient times to the end of the nineteenth century are examined in the presented article. In particular, the construction of representation, known to Roman law, is examined by the author. However, most part of the article is devoted to the legal regulation of the institute of representation in civil legislation of Russia from the XVth to the XIXth centuries. In this article the doctrinal regulation of the institution of representation in the civil law of Russia is also reflected.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):96-99
pages 96-99 views

Maliciousevasion of repaymentof creditor debts: questionsof a crime qualification

Gur'yanov N.Y., Gurjyanov N.Y.


Development of credit relations in Russia in the nineties of the last century has led to distribution of practice of a non-return credits, which brakes normal functioning of market relations. The article consists of questions of crime qualification for malicious evasion of repayment of creditor debts (item 177 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). Despite the large distribution of non-payments and possibilities opened by this norm in the field of stabilization of relations between the creditor and the debtor, it has not received wide application for the reason of absence of the proper judiciary practice, its disputable legislative interpretation. Therefore it is very important to know problems arising in the way of attraction to criminal liability all those, who commit the specified crime.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):100-104
pages 100-104 views

The criminallaw characteristicof malfeasances

Dozhdikova S.A., Dozhdikova S.A.


Criminal characterization of any offence under the special part of the criminal code, is a selection of its members, which in turn consists of four main elements: subject, object, subjective and objective. The complexity of determining the composition of the crimes included in the Group and United Chapter 30 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is the peculiarities of the specificity of this group of crimes, features regional composition, as well as with their public danger.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):105-108
pages 105-108 views

Some peculiaritiesof civil law responsibilitiesof medical staff

Elina N.K., Elina N.K.


In the present article civil responsibility questions which are coming into existence during medical activity realization are considered. This responsibility is a juristic mean, which is blocking wrongful conduct and is stimulating peoples activity valuable to the community. Civil responsibility is divided into treaty (paid service agreement) and extra-contractual (law based).
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):109-113
pages 109-113 views

Legal responsibilityas a way of legalconflicts prevention: the bases,classifications, contradictions

Zhigachev G.A., Zhigachev G.A.


The article examines the legal liability as a means (method) the prevention of legal conflicts, positioned as a delict (offense), allocated its characteristic features, depending on the particular species, we investigate the problems and contradictions in the implementation of measures of responsibility.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):114-118
pages 114-118 views

About the problemof a parity of a principleof legality and theadjacent concepts

Ivanov A.A., Ivanov A.A.


In the article the problem of a parity of a principle of legality and the adjacent concepts concerning to sphere of realisation of legal responsibility are considered. The role of various principles of legal responsibility and their interrelation with a legality principle is analyzed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):119-122
pages 119-122 views

The essentialmeaning of guarding functionfor understanding of criminal law

Kovalenko O.N., Kovalenko O.N.


The article is devoted to the basic function of criminal law - guarding. The concepts «legal influence», «legal regulation» and «law realization» in a context of a question on guarding function of criminal law are considered, the concept of guarding function is deduced.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):123-126
pages 123-126 views

The basicdirections of the Russianpolicy of legalfastening frontierof the Russian Federation

Minaev A.V., Minaev A.V.


On 8th December 1991 the existence of one of the strongest and biggest States in the world - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics stopped. On the former State territory of the USSR formed 15 independent States. The largest of them is the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation is believed as the owner of all rights of the Soviet Union and the Russian empire. However, there arent any official documents confirming it. At the same time, according to the historical point of view, Russia has got absolutely the legal right to be called the heir of the USSR . The Russian Federation got a place of the consonant member of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization, undertook the engagements about the observance of international agreements concluded by the Union of SSR. Besides, the Government of the Russian Federation took all the foreign debt of the USSR. The peculiarity of the historical moment is that the Russian Federation delimitated the border of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republics, existed between the Soviet Republics of the USSR, as the State borders of the new country, as the Russian Federation was the biggest part of the former country. So to the Russian Federation, like to other States, formed in the postsoviet territory, there is the question about the official registration of the State territory and State borders in accordance with the current International law.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):127-132
pages 127-132 views

To a questionon efficiency of restorationby court of cassationinstance of the rightsbroken at close confinement

Khairova A.F., Khairova A.F.


The article is devoted to the analysis of examples of the judicial practice related to close confinement. The author scrutinizes the court of cassation effectiveness for correction the breach of the law of criminal proceedings which take place at the period of the arrest. The author concludes that the absence of reaction of the court of cassation to the violation of law of criminal proceedings committed whether by the prosecution or by the district court does not restore rights and liberties that have been infringed at the period of pretrial stages of proceedings.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):133-138
pages 133-138 views

The territorylaw bases of town-planningzoning

Cherednikov A.V., Cherednikov A.V.


In the article the legal mechanism of the organization of use of the earths on the basis of town-planning zoning is considered. Features of legal regulation of this process are allocated. Possibilities of complex realization of norms of the right, various on a branch accessory as a result of carrying out of town-planning zoning are underlined.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):139-143
pages 139-143 views

Problemsof integration of students of universitiesin sphere of scientific activity

Akmanaeva D.K., Akmanaeva D.K.


In the paper conditions and the factors interfering effective process of social integration of modern students in sphere of scientific activity are considered. Students evaluate possibilities of development of Russian science as very low. Negative tendencies gain in strength: decrease in the prestige of scientific work, absence of professional growth prospects in the intellectual sphere for the youth, unreasoned investments. Many of students are engaged in scientific work being guided by external stimulus - for the favorable ratio of teachers, a good mark at the exam. The desire to transfer the experience of scientific search to the students youth is poorly presented in modern models of teachers professional work.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):144-148
pages 144-148 views

Objective and subjectiveaspects of themiddle class distinctionin regional society

Vlasova E.M., Vlasova E.M.


The article considers the criteria for the distinction of the middle class in the social structure of Russian regions. The author uses the theoretical and methodological approaches conceptualizing the stratification of contemporary Russian society, as well as data of her own research of middle-income groups in three regions of the Middle Volga: the Samara region, the Ulyanovsk region, the Republic of Mari El. The identification of the middle class on the basis of objective and subjective criteria allowed distinguishing regional specifics of quantitative and qualitative structure of the middle class, and evaluating the self-sufficiency of these criteria.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):149-154
pages 149-154 views

Gender featuresof behavior of youth in sphereof a healthy way of lifeand physical training

Gordeeva S.S., Gordeeva S.S.


Sociological analysis of gender peculiarities in treatment of health and healthy life-style is given in the article. The definitions are given to the notions gender, health and selfpreservative behaviour. Similarities and differences are defined in the health-preservative life style and behaviour of men and women. The importance of gender approach to researches of the youth healthy life-style is shown in the article.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):155-159
pages 155-159 views

Managementas social value

Dotsenko A.A., Dotzenko A.A.


The urgent problems of management as a value process, the content of a human management style which is the most effective, appropriate and one of the most promising management styles in the new economic behavior environment are discussed. The analytical approach to the managerial behavior typology and staffs attitude towards management as a process of social significance based on certain universal human values takes into account the most vulnerable management aspects and is one of the most effective ways for searching modern management styles.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):160-166
pages 160-166 views

Migrantsin mass media:strangers, which it isimpossible to trust?

Kozlova O.S., Kozlova O.S.


Frequently journalists represent us visitors only from a negative side, underlining their communication with crime, unemployment. Such generalizations form in a society mistrust to migrants. As a theme of research of given article the image of migrants in mass-media acts. Empirical the work part is constructed on the analysis of articles Tatarstan newspapers for 3 years «Youth of Tatarstan» and «the Kazan Sheets».
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):167-174
pages 167-174 views

The content-analysisapplication atstudying of socialprotection of the childhoodin the Mordovia Republic

Korshunova K.N., Korshunova K.N.


The article is devoted to the study of features of social protection of the childhood in the Mordovia Republic by means of content-analysis application as basic method of sociological research.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):175-179
pages 175-179 views

Spiritual potentialof the population: experienceof the sociological analysis

Lipatova T.N., Lipatova T.N.


This article is devoted to the problem of the Tatarstan Republic region population spiritual potential structure represented by some number of composite elements. An empirical interpretation is carried out. The model of the region population spiritual potential is constructed on the results of sociological research.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):180-183
pages 180-183 views

Correct citingin scientific journalsand Russian citationindex

Roshchina N.V., Roschina N.V.


The advantages and disadvantages of RCI (Russian citation index) are examined in the article. The bibliometric data and their clarities are investigated. The author pays special attention to the problems of correct citation and copyright.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):184-188
pages 184-188 views

Youth on a labormarket: preferences,problems, prospects

Saenko L.A., Saenko L.A.


The article shows results of sociological researches of labor preferences of youth of the Stavropol Territory.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):189-193
pages 189-193 views

A social portraitof industrial workersin the Penza region

Samsonova M.N., Samsonova M.N.


This article describes the main causes of the difficult situation of the Russian working class. Based on the results of a sociological study conducted in the Penza region, the author gives an outline of social portrait of industrial workers in the Penza region, reveals the lack of development of the industrial workers of emotional intelligence and communication skills.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):194-199
pages 194-199 views

Some featuresof leisure life activity of students:the sociological analysis

Tishchenko M.E., Tischenko M.E.


In the article alternatives of carrying out of leisure of modern students are analyzed. On the basis of authors sociological researches specificity of carrying out of leisure of the students living in a megacity or a small city is reflected. Using the structurally functional methodological approach, social leisure, as the vital sphere socializing youth generation is described.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):200-204
pages 200-204 views

Vocational counselingand youth unemployment

Fursov O.B., Matveeva A.A., Fursov O.B., Matveeva A.A.


This article pays attention to the vital problem of vocational counseling and youth unemployment in Samara Oblast. It shows the hierarchy of difficulties in employment of graduates. This article gives the analysis of the work of Center for career planning and employment under the International Market Institute.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):205-208
pages 205-208 views

Principle ofthe ascending conflict lift»in a context of transformationof the Russian society

Khokhlov A.S., Khokhlov A.S.


This article is devoted to social conflicts and contradictions which have functional, structural and systematic levels. The author draws our attention to the necessity of solving the contradictions of the low level, because they are less dangerous for a society and its social institutions heaving these contradictions as they are leads to creation of another kind of contradictions-horizontal. In their turn they form the contradictions of a more complex, higher level. So, functional contradictions turn to structural ones and then to systematic contradictions and conflicts. The author called this process as the principle of ascending conflict lift, which in the period of Russian transformation was mentioned in the conflict - ability of the whole society.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):209-214
pages 209-214 views

The state anda civil society:an institutionalizationof the dialogue interaction

Zaytsev A.V., Zaitzev A.V.


In the article problems of formation of political dialogue as institute of a civil society of modern Russia are considered. The structure, functions, conditions and variants institutionalization, dialogue between the power and a society are analyzed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):215-217
pages 215-217 views

Social adaptationmechanisms of new migrantsin the activity of thepublic national-culturalorganizations ...

Sviyazova A.V., Sviyazova A.V.


The article is devoted to researching of mechanisms of social adaptation of migrants. The author investigates the main approaches to the definition of mechanisms of social adaptation, defines it and the criteria. Mechanisms of social adaptation of migrants on the example of nongovernmental public nation-cultural organizations are analyzed.
Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2011;11(3-4):218-222
pages 218-222 views

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